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Hello All

With SAP Build sunset, SAP is now using Axure RP software in prototyping websites and applications.

Axure RP makes our SAP Fiori designs easy.

Open and choose SAP Fiori

Follow the path to Azure RP from the guide:

I have opted for 30 day trial version of Axure RP to play around the tool. Below link refers to details and installation setup for Axure RP.

Landing page to Axure RP:

Name the new page and add highlighted library to space.


With this library, we can make use of SAP Fiori building blocks.

With the drag and drop, resizing, formatting features of Axure RP, we can achieve prototyping of SAP applications.

I have dropped in List Report floorplan for my demo. Based on our requirements, we can do changes in prototypes.

Preview the mock-up from here.

I hope SAP Fiori Designs using Axure RP interests you as well. Play with this and let me know your suggestions.

Thank you!!

#EnhanceLearning 🙂

BR//Dhanasupriya Sidagam
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