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So good to be back again to share our next learning/experience. I have named this and previous blog as part of a tales series:) where we will share our debugging/troubleshooting experience.  We have this new S4 HANA 1709 system which we are trying to get up and running.

Hope it will help someone to quickly resolve different kind of issues. In addition we are open to all ears to hear about any shortcut ways to resolve the issue, any quick dirty solution most welcome.

Problem Statement

Display quality notification app was displaying the notification but when we click on any button in Action box we were getting RFC error as depicted in below picture


  • As the message was not displayed completely our Investigation as started with chrome debugging our golden F12 key to look for clues or see if we can find complete error message. We enabled the GUI debugging mode to looks for clues

  • Inspection of console and network messages showed us the message but still not complete one. Before clicking the Click display object we cleared all console and network activity to catch everything in debugger logs.

  • Once nothing was found in console messages and response, I thought of moving towards the next clue which is the URL call which was made to the backend when I clicked the button. It was pointing toward a SICF node. On putting an external breakpoint in handler class method HANDLE_REQUEST nothing substantial was found. Our method was triggering but only when we press initially the display button after entering the notification number

  • Moving on to the next level of investigation I thought of checking how does it work in backend, what if I open QM03 in GUI. It worked no error, as can be seen below pretty strange. I thought of putting the breakpoint in the PBO module of the current displayed screen to check what happen. Our Breakpoint got triggered but quick F6/F7/F8 combo did not show anything awkward or strange.

  • Was about to give up on me, I thought since the RFC call is failing which I still don’t know it must be throwing some exceptions or messages so why not put a breakpoint at catch and message statements. BINGO it worked found the culprit RFC connection which was not working.


  • Program is not registered so googled it and worked with our Basis consultant to fix the issue as per instruction provided by Google Baba:)



  • Any issue related to SAP GUI for HTML apps displayed on FIORI Launchpad, better to first check in backend and try to put some break point to trouble shoot further. Most of the time for apps like these issues shall be on backend rather than on client side.


Feel free to comment and provide your feedback open to all earsJ Lets share and learn
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