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So back again to share our next learning/experience while working on S4 HANA 1709 system. I hope it will help someone in quickly resolving similar kind of issues or guide in the right direction.

Problem Statement

We were working with Manage Template Evaluation app. The tile was visible and app was opening. But while submitting for group based evaluation we were getting 500 internal server error as shown below.

Analysis and Resolution

  • As always the first step was to press F12 to identify the culprit. It looked like a backend call was failing, nothing suspicious on frontend side.

  • Then next step was to check in /IWFND/ERROR_LOG to see if we have any errors. Unfortunately everything looked fine.

  • Then eventually we thought of checking ST22 and found a dump, So let’s dig more into the first hint we got:)

  • On further investigation we found a configuration of a RFC destination was missing. BASIS people maintained the entry, I thought error will be resolved but sadly the error still persisted due to something else. Time to debug further.

  • On further debugging we found that the version of our RFC maintained and in logic is being compared if different exception is being raised.

  • Now I have not heard about this version but Google Baba and ABAP help pointed us in right direction. We changed the RFC Destination transfer protocol and Bingo it worked.


  • Any 500 error in F12 we shall check ST22 along with /IWFND/ERROR_LOG. 500 error mostly point towards issues at ABAP level.

  • SM21 can also help in understanding what has happened.

  • RFC Transfer Protocol basically decides whether you can use this RFC with QRFC/BGRFC/ARFC etc.

I will keep updating this blog in case we face 500 error issues because of some other reasons also:)

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Let's keep sharing our experiences and keep learning.
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