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We can develop a complete customized Fiori Apps as per client’s custom business requirements

Customized App is been hosted on SAP-Fiori server (front-end system).

And for business data accessibility, it integrates with SAP or Non-SAP system.

For standard SAP Fiori App implementation, one can refer below blog:

Components of Customized Fiori apps:

Below components needs to be developed and configured:

Front-End Components:

  1. SAP UI5 Application

  2. Odata Service definition & its registration

  3. Semantic Object

  4. Launchpad Role

  5. App accessibility in Fiori Launchpad

    1. Business Catalog

      1. Tile

      2. Target Mapping

    2. Business Group

  6. Front-End Business Role (PFCG)

Back-End Components:

  1. For data access from SAP System

    1. RFC

  2. For data access from Non-SAP System

    1. Web-services etc.



  • SAP or Non-SAP system's data interchange technique like RFC, webservice etc.

  • Eclipse with SAP UI5 Development Tool Kit

  • SAP Fiori Server (Front-end)

  • SAP Fiori Launchpad Url:

  • SAP Fiori Designer Url:

  • Important T-codes of SAP Fiori Server

    •   Front-End server (T-code) Description
      1 SICF  (Path: /sap/bc/ui5_ui5/sap/) UI5 Application Path
      2 SICF  (Path: /sap/opu/odata/sap/) Odata Service Path
      3 SEGW Create Odata Service
      4 /n/iwfnd/maint_service Odata Service Registration
      5 /n/iwfnd/gw_client Test Odata Service
      6 /n/iwfnd/error_log Error Log
      7 SE38 (Report: /UI5/UI5_REPOSITORY_LOAD) To upload/Download/Delete UI5 Application
      8 /n/UI2/SEMOBJ Semantic objects by SAP
      9 LPD_CUST Launchpad Role
      10 PFCG PFCG Role


Steps to create/configure a custom Fiori App:

To create a custom Fiori app, we need to create and configure below components in SAP-Fiori (front-end) server:

[I]    Create UI5 Application in Eclipse

[II]   Deploy UI5 Application in SAP-Fiori (front-end) server

  • Once SAP-UI5 application 'ZTEST_UI5' gets developed, we need to host this app in SAP-Fiori (front-end) server, which detailed steps can be referred from following blog link:

  • Deploy a Fiori app in SAP Fiori Server

[III]  Create custom Odata Service

  • A custom Odata Service for business data interchange between UI5 App and SAP or Non-SAP system, can be created in SAP-Fiori server.

  • Its detailed steps can be referred from following blog link:

  • Create OData Service

[IV] Register custom Odata Service in SAP-Fiori (front-end) server

  • Once custom Odata service gets created, we need to activate and register this service for accessibility in UI5 application.

  • Its detailed steps can be referred from following blog link:

  • Register OData Service

[V]   App access configuration in SAP-Fiori-Launchpad

  • To access ui5 app in SAP-Fiori-Launchpad, below configurations needs to be done:

    1. Semantic Object:

    2. Launchpad Role

    3. Business Catalog

    4. Business Group

    5. App's PFCG Role

  • A detailed steps to configure above objects for app accessibility, can be referred from following blog link:

  • Fiori app configuration in SAP Fiori Launchpad


Testing of UI5 app in SAP-Fiori-Launchpad:

Login to SAP-Fiori-Launchpad using below details

SAP-Fiori-Launchpad url can be accessed

  • from desktop or any device's internet browser (like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla etc.)

  • from mobile device using SAP-Fiori-Client, which can be downloaded from Mobile's Play-Store app

Once we access url in browser, we see below login page, where credentials need to be provided:

Click on 'Log On' button, which opens SAP-Fiori's Launchpad page, where we can see our configured 'Tile' of UI5 application:

When we click on Tile 'Test App', it opens SAP-UI5 application as below:

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