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Will see how to Create a Catalog and Business Group in Fiori Launchpad Designer


What is Fiori Catalog?

A catalog is a set of Tiles / Applications you want to make available for one role. Depending on the role and the catalogs assigned to the role, users can browse through the catalogs and choose the Tiles / Applications that they want to display on the entry page of the SAP Fiori launchpad.

What is Business Group?

A group is a subset of Applications from one or more catalogs. Which tiles are displayed on a user’s Home page depends on the groups assigned to the user’s role. In addition, the user can personalize the entry Fiori Page by adding or removing Applications to pre-delivered groups or self-defined groups.


Why to Create a Custome Role?

If we use SAP Standard Role End User / Business User will be getting lots of other Application which are not required actually and His / Her Home page will end up messy with lots of business groups and Applications


Please Follow Below Steps to Create a Successful Role instead of using SAP Standard Role for Fiori Role.


Fiori Catalog & Business Group Creation

  1. Enter T.code :- /n/ui2/flpd_cust 

Need to Create Catalog & Business Group 

2. Click on Add / Create button

3. Give Title & Role (its Description)

4. Click Save


5. We can use Standard SAP Catalogs which is will full fill our requirement, once you select catalog its tiles / Applications will be displayed on right side

6. Select the required Tile which you need to add to your catalog and drag once its dragged as shown above 2 options will be enabled Create Reference and delete

Note:- Don't Delete Role By Mistikely also once it deleted its deleted it can't be undo.

7. Once you drop in Create reference popup will be enabled to select under which need to add

8. Select catalog which you created earlier

9. Click on Target Mapping

10. Select the required segment and Action and click on create reference.

11. Select the Catalog under which you need to copy Mapping . like this you can add multiple Applications/tiles and Target Mapping as per the Applications you wanted to Add

with this, we Completed Creation of catalog

Creation of Business Group. 

  1. Now click on Group and click Create

  2. Give Title & ID and click on save

  3. Click on add

  4. Once you click on add will get a list of tiles / Apps which we added in Catalog

  5. Click on Add button which is bottom of the tile

  6. Once its added will get a successful message as shown above.

  7. We can also add other Apps/tiles from other Catalogs by searching in the search bar.

  8. I have selected BOM Catalog and under BOM Catalog selected 3 Apps which are required

  9. Click back button and come to the main page

We can see under the Business Group which we created now we have 4 apps once from catalog which we created and other 3 are from different / SAP  standard Catalogs

With this we completed Creation of Catalog & business group, now need to create Role and assign created Catalog and Business Group “RUTHVIK” to a role.


Creation of Role using Catalog and Business Group

  1. In SAP Open PFCG Transaction.

2. Give the role name and click on the single role

3. Give the description and long text

4. Save


5. Select Menu Tab and select Transaction Drop down to select SAP Fiori Tile Catalog.


6. Once you select Fiori Catalog “Assign Catalog” Popup will be opened in catalog ID select from search and select Catalog which we created

7. Clicks continue.


8. Repeat same to select Business Group

9. Select Business Group we created

10.Click Continue

11. Go to User Tab and assign User ID to whom these new roles need to be assigned.

12. Click Save

We Have successfully Created Catalog, Business Group and created Role and assigned to the User ID,


Let's Test our work


  1. Now login to Fiori launch Pad by using /n/UI2/FLP 

2. Now under “RUTHVIK” Business Group 2 APPs/ Tiles have been added.


With this, you have completed role creation by using Custome Catalog and the Business group.

Follow the same steps when very Users need New Business Group with a mix of Different Apps and Catalogs.


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