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SAP Fiori 2.0 for Master Data Governance

SAP Fiori supports the below list of application in the Master Data Governance module across the various data objects.

This provides the basic information regarding the components required for the installation of the applications in the landscape and the different functionalities of each application.

 Product Information

Information Type

Product Data

SAP Product (Official Name)

SAP Fiori for SAP Master Data Governance



Support Package Stack


Delivery Date


 The back-end components of the apps are delivered with the following SAP product:

Information Type

Product Data

SAP Product (Official Name)

SAP Master Data Governance 9.0

Support Package Stack


 The areas in SAP MDG for which the fiori applications are built and grouped are as follows

  1. Lean Request Apps

  2. Approval Apps

  3. MDG Consolidation & Mass Processing Apps

Lean Request Apps in MDG

 The SAP Fiori lean request Apps for Master Data Governance are targeted towards a business user who does not have much expertise in master data handling, but would like to create a new organization for areas such as customer and supplier. With limited information, they can easily send a request to the master data expert using the SAP Fiori application. The following SAP Fiori applications are delivered out-of-the-box for the MDG lean request scenario:

  1. Request Customer

  2. Request Supplier

  3. Request Business Partner

  4. Request Material

  5. Request Cost Center

  6. Request Profit Center

  7. Track My Requests

  Key Features

  •  Lean requestor form for a user new to MDG

  • Separate forms to create a customer as an organization and a person

  • Automatically generated list of potential duplicates

  • You can customize the Duplicates button to display the + sign when a certain number of duplicates are found (for example, 20+).

  • Option to upload attachments containing request details

  • When you upload an attachment, the Reason for Request field is automatically filled with the text Check attached documents.

  • Track My request UI to track the request status

  • Address format that automatically changes to EU or US when you enter the country


Request Customer

Request Supplier

Request Material


Request Business Partner

Request Cost Center

Request Profit Center

Track My Requests

 Key Features

  • Use a lean UI for tracking the requests created by the user

  • View the number of requests over a set time period. You can customize the time period of the number of requests displayed, for example, 15 requests in last 30 days; 6 requests in last 7 days.

  • See requests broken into 3 categories In process, Approved, and Rejected.

  • Take the option to filter requests by master data type, for example, all customer requests

  • Personalize your view, for example, add or remove columns

Approval Apps in MDG

Approve Master Data

 Key Features

  • Approve or reject MDG Master Data

  • Display only the changed data to approver for approval of master data

  • Navigate to details of changed data when requested by approver

  • Display only fields which have data entered by the requestor

  • Display only relevant data based on authorization. For example, if a user is authorized to see data for a specific company code, they would not see data for other company codes.

  • Display all requests of step type 2 (Approve) to approver in the inbox by default. You can extend the app to include requests in other steps, that need only approval without editing data, by extending the back end classes.

MDG - Consolidation

Key Features

  • Consolidation for SAP business partner, customer, supplier, material master, and custom objects

  • Process UI to start and monitor consolidation processes for all tables and fields including edit capabilities

  • Integration of standardization capabilities, including BRFplus integration

  • Matching capabilities to identify duplicates

  • Match review UI to approve or reject matching results

  • Configurable best-record calculation

  • Best record calculation UI to check and amend the result data

  • Analytics for each process step including drill-down capabilities

  • Split and remove data from the process (also available as a background step)

  • Flexible governance and collaboration for post-processing through optional integration with change request process

  • Support of multiple assignments for business partner

  • Manual deletions in Best Record Calculation

  • Allow re-validation when changing data Process analytics

MDG - Mass Processing

 Key Features

  • Administrators can prepare templates called configurations for frequently executed change scenarios. These configurations enable users to perform their tasks without the need to understand field and table structures in detail.

  • You can use the file upload feature to upload changes to business objects in .XLSX and .CSV format (using a semi-colon as a delimiter).

  • The system executes processing in the background, enabling users to close the application and check the status later. You can also save a Mass Processing run and come back to work on it later.


Fiori Application Library

Filter by Application component CA-MDG for MDG specific applications

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