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Hy everybody,

i'm working alot with SAP Fiori Applications (SAP UI5) and created a simple application that integrates with SAP Business Workflow.

I wanted to create a application, which allows a simple user decision kind of a question with yes/no answers. I ended up in creating a customizable application wich dinamicly creates the selection options and the to be answered question(s).

Now i would like to share quickly what i've been doing for this application & share the experience i've made.

  1. Created a simple 1 step workflow - without any start events or something -> I wrote a simple 20line of code report to start a workflow instance from sap gui transaction.
  2. Created a customizing table with scenario information to determine asked question and answer possibilities.
  3. Created a  NW Gateway Service to read the customizing tables & to prcoess workflow items.
  4. Checked everything with SWIA to look at workitem container and other elements.

  • I wanted to keep everything as simple as possible and with SAP Fiori and SAP Business Workflow it was really simple to achieve a simple solution.
  • The SAP UI5 framework is quite stable and after getting into it it's nice to work with it.
  • SAP Business Workflow will be my choice if i have to create business processes wich are supported by a workflow engine.
  • Programming of SAP UI5 & ABAP in Eclipse works quite nice.

How could this app be extended (What i did not implement)

  • User Assignement - I did not provide a way to select the next user/org. unit. I've implemented many rules FM's and other logic to determine a user or org. unit therefore it was not a key learning i wanted to have and therefore i skipped it.
  • Attachments - I did not implement a Attachment List or any other link to a document management system. I've implemented several ICF services & multiple SAP UI5 Applications already including a document/attachment handling because of this, i skipped it in this application.
  • Business Data - I did not implemenet a kind of generic Business Data Visualization Area to display business data in a generic way. Altough with SAP UI5 and NW GW this can be easily achieved.

The end result is a simple, customizable application for generic decisions that does not require huge development efforts and that will be used in a future SAP project at our enterprise.

I wish you all a nice day.



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