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This article aims to get a one-stop solution and an overview of the various SAP FICO standard reports for techno-functional consultants, especially reporting consultants. The quick comparisons will help consultants solve most of the ambiguities raised when analyzing reconciliation issues.


Overview of FICO:

FICO, an abbreviation for Finance and Controlling, is a vital module in SAP ERP as it effectively manages any enterprise's financial and transactional processes and assists the Financial Controller in planning. Finance focuses on various business areas and profit centers whereas COPA can help you understand the granularity of the dealings or transactions such as product level breakup. However, this module has two sub-components: 

  • SAP Finance (FI) - External Exchanges 

  • SAP Controlling & Profitability Analysis (CO-PA) - Internal cost monitoring and planning

    • Account-based Profitability Analysis 

    • Cost-based Profitability Analysis

Parameter Account-based Profitability Analysis Cost-based Profitability Analysis
T-code VKOA (Account Determination) VKOA (Account Determination)
Basis  GL account Invoices or Transactions






What are Profit Center and Cost Center?

  • Profit Center: Organizational unit that generates revenue and expenses (Table: CEPC)

  • Cost Center: Organizational unit that only incurs expenses (Table: CSKS)

Standard Finance SAP reports:

  • FBL3N - GL line Items

  • GR55 - Execute Report Group (P&L report overview)

  • F.01 - Balance sheet display

  • F.41 and F.42 - Vendor Balances

  • S_ALR - Designed for reporting checks and S_ALR_870136** is for SAP FICO

    • S_ALR_87013603 - FICO Reconciliation

    • S_ALR_87013604 - FICO Reconciliation (Group Currency)

    • S_ALR_87013611- Cost Centers: Actual/Plan/Variance

    • S_ALR_87013625 - Cost Centers: Actual/Target/Variance

Standard COPA SAP reports:

  • KE30 - Takes the COPA values based on the operating concern from the standard CE** tables of SAP

  • KE24 - COPA  Actual Data

  • KE25 - COPA Plan Data

There are discrepancies found between the two reports KE24 and KE30 reports. But the source of truth is the KE30 report as it picks data directly from the standard SAP tables. On the contrary, KE24 and KE25 are customizable and enterprise-specific.

Final verdict:

This is not an exhaustive list of reports but is a quick checklist for potential reporting and reconciliation issues raised.

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