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In case of Asynchronous Inbound Proxy Interfaces there is often a case where the Interface fails in the ECC system due to issues like Master data not being maintained, incorrect data received from legacy leading to conversion issues eg: Character in Amount or Quantity field, which needs to be continuously monitored through the XML Monitor transaction SXI_MONITOR or SXMB_MONI

SAP has introduced Forward Error Handling (FEH) for Proxy interfaces which also provides the option for sending Email Alerts via the Error and Conflict Handler (ECH) in the Post Processing Office (PPO) Framework whenever the Interface goes into Error. The First part of the Configuration for FEH has been explained in the detailed and informative blog by Michal Krawczyk hence this blog purely deals with the Email alert configuration in ECC.

Below are the detailed steps to be followed to enable this Alert mechanism in ECC -

Disclaimer: Please use Software component and Business process already configured for FEH. Given below is just an example taken for explaining the steps.


1.     1. The first step in this configuration is to ensure that the standard BADi implementation /SAPPO/ORDER_CR_NOTIFY_DEFAULT of BADi  /SAPPO/ORDER_CREATE_NOTIFIY is active(it is normally active) as can be seen below:

2.    2.  In the Configuration Transaction SPRO, go to Define Worklists and give one of the below names as per your module:



3.     3. Go to Assign Worklist to Business processes and create a record for your respective interface. Please note that this is the same Software Component and Business process created for FEH configuration



4.    4. Go to Process Notifications for Orders in Worklist and create a record as below for your respective Interface



5.    5. After SAVE into customizing request, Choose the record and click on Printworkbench Settings and enter details as below and SAVE:



6.    6. The same priority maintained here needs to be maintained at the Business Process level, which needs to be done in Assign Priority to Business   

          Processes as below:



7.    7. After this, Users need to be maintained in the Worklist defined(ZBP0). This is a one time activity that has to be done in every system(No transport request is created on saving these changes). Transaction code is /SAPPO/WL_CHANGE and execute, you would see your Component along with the Worklist wherein Users can be dragged and dropped as can be seen below:


SAP also provides an option of assigning a complete Organizational Unit in which case all the users assigned to the group would get the Email alert notification. Email would be sent to the Email ID maintained in User settings as below:


8.     8. After this, test your FEH with one failure scenario if an Email is triggered to your ID(your User ID needs to be maintained in the worklist) an Email in the below format should get triggered:



On completing the initial Configuration settings for the PPO mail alert, the interfaces were tested to check if they trigger an email to the Users maintained in the above mentioned user list, but there was an issue due to which the EMAIL was not getting triggered:

On contacting SAP it was learnt that there are some settings related to the MAIL functionality that need to be altered. There were two suggestions given by SAP for the same:

Please refer to the following customizing activity:
Cross-Application Components
--General Application Functions
----Print Workbench
------Define Shipping Control

Here the attribute "Storage Mode" is set to value "Print and archive" for Dispatch Control MAIL.

Please remark that the system does not support storage modes "Print and archive" or "Archive only" in this PPO-notification scenario.

As a result PPO orders are generated without triggering a mail notification.

To resolve this issue please choose storage mode "Print only" in the customizing activity mentioned above.

Configuration for the Print Workbench General Setting was done as suggested as can be seen below:

However, this is a general setting for all documents using the print workbench with MAIL.

Alternatively you could adjust the PPO-specific application form /SAPPO/NF_NOTIFICATION_COLL which gets called in your PPO notification scenario via transaction EFRM:

-Choose Tx EFRM


-Choose Change

-Double Click DOCUMENT in the hierarchy shown on the left

-Choose Storage Mode "Print only"

Also Configuration for the Print Workbench PPO Setting in /SAPPO/NF_NOTIFICATION_COLL was done as per alternate method suggested as can be seen below:

Also, the Priority maintained in ‘Print Workbench Settings’ and that assigned at the Business Process level should be the same else there is some standard check that fails resulting in NO mail trigger.

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