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SAP Enterprise Portal

Dear all, this is post is the humble opinions of SAP Enterprise Portal from a pure dummy's point of view. I don't come from a tech or engineering background but have the luck to get in touch with the introduction of SAP Enterprise Portal Technologies this fall through courses and feel that SAP Enterprise Portal is such a powerful tool for businesses and act as efficient and useful business solutions.

For me, SAP Enterprise Portal mainly acts of a via point, connecting information, resources, and different parts and functions of the enterprise. It unifies all these parts and enables the sharing of information and resources among the enterprise. Everyone could have an entry access to this one big sharing pool and information and knowledge, with different level of authorization to make sure enterprise could have the flexibility of managing the employees and assigning different roles to different counterparts. The powerful aspect is its ability to realize the fact for a big corporation with offices and employees everywhere, to connect with each other, cooperate with each other, share information and make decisions and assign different job functions. This could solve the problems for many enterprises and provide efficient business solutions, when they are challenged with the needs to unify large amount of resources and information, connect different functions of the company and enables everyone to be assigned with specific tasks and work efficiently with different level of capacity.

I didn’t get any coding of the SAP but do learn about basic functions and operations of SAP and find it quite useful and efficient. I’m interested in exploring more about the SAP’s acting as business solutions comparing to other alternatives, the one with different systems and the ones with the same. I hope to learn more about the different functionalities and efficiency of such applications. Another aspect is how efficient SAP Enterprise Portal could work for small businesses and how easy it is to implement in small businesses to utilize its efficiency without causing much trouble with employee’s adaptations. Small business solutions might be different from big enterprises but still need to employ business solutions to increase the work efficiency among different groups and departments.

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