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SAP Digital Boardroom seems to be a great addition to SAP suite of products. It seems to offer a comprehensive real time view of business performance of entire company.

Its a cloud only solution and part of SAP BusinessObjects Cloud.


Dashboards, stories can be created and real time scenarios can be drawn. This would greatly help organizations understand the past instantly, predict the future and conduct business successfully in today’s digital economy. Real time drill down actual data from a bird's eye view level is fantastic.

                                                        Drill Down Reporting

SAP Digital can harmonize the view of company operations across all lines of business on multiple devices. It Can be deployed from touch based 3 screen environment to a desktop/laptop. On three screen set-up this is how it would look like.

                                                                   3 Screen Set-up

In my opinion it's a great new a way to run board room meetings. It also seems to offer a paradigm shift from typical power points to on the go, up to date real time figures. Let's see how it unfolds.
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