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One year ago it was not possible to try out any SAP product. A lot have changed since then. Today I just experience this change as I’m talking about on the video.

The developer tools are really a game changer for everybody involved with SAP. Now you don’t need to be a part of a large organization to get access to try tools like HANA. You can just start using it and learn how to use it.

It means that developers need to learn how to develop on HANA or mobile applications; otherwise they will just become the new “Mainframe programmers” or dinosaurs. I do appreciate the skills that most developers have, and especially the business skills.  It will take a long time to acquire the same kind of information on the business.  So for now they may be safe.

I guess the only solution is to keep updated on the newest tools and skills out there. I know that it is time consuming. And there is a lot of other tasks that we need to work with.  How do you invest in your continued education?

I started to share some knowledge about SAP PI process Integration for non-developers.  I believe that it is possible to improve the communication between developers and the business in this context. You can check it out at

Please rate the post so I know if this is something I should share more about.

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