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SAP Design Studio Tips & Tricks Series

John is a senior executive with a great eye for detail. He usually drives his review meetings covering one area at a time, and often drills down into facts as required. During such occasions, it may help to zoom into one specific chart at a time while still retaining other visualizations on the canvas – albeit on a smaller scale.

SAP Design Studio has the ability to accommodate such designs by rendering visualizations that could be re-sized, zoomed or minimized as needed. Design Studio supports several ways to achieve this:

  • Zoom to full screen and scale back to original size at the click of a button (or an icon) – however other charts would be hidden from the view while zoomed in
  • Increase size of any one visualization while readjusting other visualizations; Revert to the original view when done (this option is demonstrated below)
  • Increase size of any one visualization incrementally until it reaches full-scale; Other charts could be readjusted as long as they have a certain threshold of available real estate (e.g. 15% of the screen), failing which they could be fully minimized.

SAP Design Studi0o Tips & Tricks #3 - Resizable charts for better usability and experience

This is another area where SAP Design Studio scores over SAP Dashboards (Xcelsius), where you could achieve this only by replicating visualizations.Click here for a detailed document.

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