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This is a brief recap from last Wednesday's session at ASUG Annual Conference

Source: SAP Please note the usual disclaimer applies

Figure 2: Source: SAP In this slide, SAP said they are planning to converge SAP Lumira and SAP Design Studio with still 2 personas.

Figure 3: Source: SAP SAP will merge the add-ons on the BI platform into one with 2 clients - Lumira Desktop and "Lumira Studio" (Design Studio)

Figure 4: Source: SAP This slide SAP said they are offering more "planned simplification" of the clients.  One attendee asked about Live Office; you can see from the above the plan for it is to be part of Analysis for Office.

Figure 5: Source: SAP Lumira 2.x planned themes include the following:

  • Online access
  • Enterprise scale
  • Lumira investment – improve ease of use
  • In line w/ cloud UI
  • Align w/ S4/HANA Fiori concepts and standards
  • Future Lumira 2.1 – move to a browser based experience

Figure 6: Source: SAP Figure 6 provides the direction and approach Note that Lumira 1.31 and Design Studio 1.6 are in regular maintenance until end of 2017

Figure 7: Source: SAP Figure 7 shows a simplified architecture and what is actually included in Lumira 2.x

Figure 8: Source: SAP

According to the SAP speaker, Figure 8 is an "important slide".

Lumira today is desktop client, and the engine is the velocity engine

In orange on Figure 8 is in-memory With Lumira Desktop you have the "freedom with what data to work – engine is consolidator Use preparation room on top of in-memory engine

With Lumira, the strongest part is data prep, velocity engine, any type of data, bring it together Lumira 2.x will have online integration to BW/HANA (no online integration to BW today)

The plan is to include UI improvements, visualization and online

Today Design Studio has strong online integration to BW, HANA

To be improved connectivity to universes, data sources, no offline capability

In the Studio plan to have velocity engine, data prep in desktop client and seamlessly use it in studio Data access is same picture Data acquisition in in-memory engine – Lumira Design Studio has BICS strength

Will get OLAP capability in Lumira and offline in Design Studio

Figure 9: Source: SAP Figure 9 is a detailed roadmap. As of end of this year, SAP said, this will be one product, harmonized development

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