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This is my 4th post related to mapping in the Design Studio SDK.  Including this post, my last 3 are specifically related to vector-based maps using D3 and TopoJSON.  I've taken the maps a step further to include a new layer in the Choropleth Maps, as well as a new component called Location Intelligence maps which allows you to plot by latitude and longitude instead of by geographical feature.

Below is a preview overview of what is now available from the SCN Design Studio SDK Development Community extension.

What's New?
The focus for this iteration was placed on new functionality and additional bug fixes.

  • New Features:
    • New (optional) Bubble Measure property now available to your Choropleth Maps which means you can now visualize 2 measures, one by a quantile/quintile color scale for feature shading, and now a second linear scaled Bubble overlay based on a second measure.
    • New Location Intelligence Map that when provided a Latitude and Longitude field, will place plot markers on the map.  A third optional Title field can be given to show the title of the location when the tooltip is shown.
    • More Maps - Added some more European country maps
  • Fixes:
    • Maps used to not work when only one measure was in the data set.  This was an unintentional bug now corrected.
    • Manual Map Data changes can be done in text box and updates now in Design Studio.
    • Fixed issue with maps that use diacritics.  Design Studio property storage seems to have limitations on certain character set encoding.
  • To Do:
    • Location Intelligence Maps onclick event for plot markers.
    • Optional Data-driven Marker Size by Measure (Effectively allowing a marker to become a Bubble)

What's New for SDK Developers?

  • Choropleth Map Component now inherits from a Base Map Class
  • Location Intelligence Map now inherits from said Base Map Class.

View of 2 Location Intelligence Maps followed by 2 Bubble Overlay in Choropleth Maps:

This is available NOW from the SCN Design Studio SDK Development Community link.

Questions/Comments/Feedback always welcome.


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