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Since I last talked about Maps, in my free time I've taken some effort to refine the component.  You can read about the basics in Part 2 here:

Part 2:

Design Studio SDK (1.3/1.4) - Open Source Maps (Part 2) Choropleth Maps

What's New?

The focus I placed was on stability, usability, quality, and ease of use for the designer.  Still much room for improvement so I'm not done making it better yet!

  • Additional Property Sheet has new streamlined look and About section.  This property sheet is shared between many of my new visual components for a consistent look & feel.
  • Map Drag and Zoom
  • Better Legend and Tooltip formatting options
  • Better Tooltips
  • More Map Projection options
  • Many UX/UI/Stability Fixes
  • Map Labels dynamically hide when region is too cramped.  Configurable via a threshold parameter.
  • Corrected a few canned maps that had non-Latin characters encoded.  Will spend more time cleaning up any I missed and adding more maps.  Maybe someone would like to help add some more?  :smile: Design Studio SDK: How to create home-made map files for Choropleth Maps

What's New for SDK Developers?

  • Additional Property Sheet overhauled to be self-rendering based on component config.
  • Choropleth Map Component (among other visualization components) now built on same base component class which cuts down on code time and maintenance.  Supports self-rendering Additional Property Sheet.

Screenshots of Choropleth Maps and Additional Property Sheet at Design Time.

New 'About' section that will show up in most future SDK components in the SCN Community Pack:

Example of Cosmetics Category showing navigation and sub-category organization, with overflow menu showing on the right.

Video of Choropleth Map component in action (Best viewed full screen at 1080):

This is available NOW from the SCN Design Studio SDK Development Community link.

Questions/Comments/Feedback always welcome.


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