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Lately, there have been a lot of customers requesting BO reporting/SAP Design Studio dashboards on the Surface(the Microsoft tablet). There is no BI Mobile app for Microsoft surface & I was prompted to explore how Design Studio Dashboards would look on the Microsoft Surface. It was pleasantly surprising to learn that there’s a lot more that the customers could get out of using SAP Design Studio on the Surface.

I am sure most of you have faced a scenario where something that worked completely fine on the iPad didn’t work the same way on the desktop, and vice versa.

  1. Let us take an example of an SAP Design Studio application that, the users required, to run both their desktop AND on their iPad. There are a lot of features that desktop-compatible but iPad-incompatible, such as:
    • Export to excel
    • Print
    • Bookmarks
    • Planning
    • Exception icons on Crosstab

                                                 SAP Design Studio on Microsoft Surface

     2. SAP Design Studio on the Microsoft Surface is platform independent, i.e. the dashboard doesn’t have to be only on BI Platform for it to render on Surface, i.e. it can be on Netweaver BW, BI Platform, or even on HANA.

     3. In addition to that, annotating is way too amazing on the Surface than on the iPad. (just take look at the screenshot, you will understand what I am talking about).

                         SAP Design Studio Application on Microsoft Surface – Annotations

                                          SAP Design Studio Application  on iPad – Annotations

     4. Touch sensitivity of the components is better on the Surface when compared to iPad.

     5. You can do side by side multitasking on the Surface, isn’t that awesome?

                                                            Multitasking on Microsoft Surface

     6. Last but not the least, you can even run your planning application from Surface.

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