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In this blog post, we have discussed how to configure BW Bridge in HANA studio and how to add SAP Datasphere subaccount in the Cloud Connector.

I have explained the following points in this blog.

1.SAP Datasphere – BW Bridge
2.SAP BW Bridge Space
3.Logging Into SAP BW Bridge
4.Creating Users in BW Bridge Cockpit
5.Preparing the BW Modeling Tools
6.Preparing Connectivity for ODP Source Systems in SAP BW Bridge
7.Add the SAP Datasphere Subaccount in the Cloud Connector
8.Create a Communication System in the SAP BW Bridge Tenant

1.SAP Datasphere – BW Bridge

SAP Datasphere supports SAP BW bridge, which enables you to use SAP BW functionality in the public cloud and import SAP BW bridge data models into SAP Datasphere.

The SAP BW bridge provides SAP BW capabilities directly in SAP Datasphere and makes it easy to move towards the innovation and efficiency of the cloud.

In this case, I am using payable version of Datasphere and BW Bridge. If free version unable to see the BW Bridge Space.

Datasphere screen:

When a new SAP BW bridge tenant is provisioned together with a new SAP Datasphere tenant, the system owner receives a welcome email. Click the Activate Account button to connect to the server and set your password. You are then logged in to SAP Datasphere.

When get the Datasphere URL in Welcome mail, who access the first in Datasphere that user is system owner.

SAP Datasphere Initial screen


2.SAP BW Bridge Space

To create your SAP BW bridge tenant, go to System --> Configuration  --> BW Bridge.


Click on Create.

Create BW Bridge System


Note: For Development tenant - must be enabled Enable system for development.

For Test tenant – should not be set enabled Enable system for development.

SAP BW Bridge space is created but status is in progress.

Taking time to activate BW Bridge space.

BW Bridge space is Succeeded.

3.Logging Into SAP BW Bridge

The system owner only can able access the SAP BW Bridge tenant, because system owner is Initial administrator of the new SAP BW Bridge tenant.

To logon to the SAP BW Bridge Cockpit:

  • From left side navigation Space Management.

  • Select BW Bridge Space

  • Click on edit.

  •  Go to the Member section, add system owner user to the space.


  • Click on save.

  • From left side navigation, choose Data Integration Monitor


  • Select BW Bridge space


  • Click on Authorize then choose Open SAP BW Bridge Cockpit.

If you are facing any logging issue, please follow the below note.

  • SAP Note 3156000

4.Creating Users in BW Bridge Cockpit

1.Login to Open SAP BW Bridge Cockpit

Drop down the administrator tab then select the Identity and Access Management.


2.Create Business role from template.

Select the tile of the Maintain Business Role


           Then click on New.

Select the template SAP_BR_ADMINISTRATOR_DWC and confirm the Business Role ID and


Click on Ok.


Then click on Assigned Business Users and add the Initial Admin user.

Click on Ok.

Then Click on save.

Add SAP_BR_DEVELOPER_DWC template as well.

3.Create Employees for the new users.

Go to Administrator --> Workforce Master Data --> Maintain Employees.

            Click on create to add new users.

5.Preparing the BW Modeling Tools

Need to install the latest version of BW modeling Tools (HANA studio/Eclipse).

These steps are establishing the connection between BW Modeling Tools and SAP Datasphere and to enable the transport of objects.

1.Open the BW Modeling Tools.

2.Go to File --> New --> Project.

3.Select the project type Business Warehouse --> BW Bridge Project and choose next.

4.Choose Service Key and then click on Next.

Copy the service key from Datasphere.

Login to the Datasphere.

Choose left side navigation Space Management, if not added your user to BW Bridge space. Save and deploy the BW Bridge Space.

Choose left side navigation More à Tools à Connections.

Select BW Bridge and choose Edit.

Under BW Modeling Tools Access choose to copy to clipboard.

        Paste the service key in Hana studio.

          Click on Next.

5.Click on Open logon page in Brower.

Enter your Datasphere credentials in the browser window.

You get the Successfully logged on message.



Note: If you didn’t have Business role from open BW Bridge Cockpit, facing error occurred during the Service Instance logon (like below screen)

6.Click on Finish, system will be added in HANA studio.


6.Preparing Connectivity for ODP Source Systems in SAP BW Bridge

Connecting an SAP on-premises system to SAP BW bridge requires a few more steps than connecting the same system to an SAP BW on SAP HANA or SAP BW∕4HANA system.

A Cloud Connector serves as a link between the on-premises source system and your SAP BW bridge tenant which is technically based on an ABAP Platform in SAP BTP. RFC is used as a protocol for data exchange between on-premises source systems and SAP BW bridge.

7.Add the SAP Datasphere Subaccount in the Cloud Connector

You need to add the SAP Datasphere subaccount to the Cloud Connector to connect on-premises systems to SAP BW bridge.

You have subaccount details for Datasphere Tenant details in System --> Administration --> Data Source Configuration --> SAP BTP Core account.


And allow the Cloud Connector IP in Datasphere.


Login to the Cloud connector then click on + Add subaccount.

Enter the Region, Subaccount ID, User ID (Mail id), Password and Location ID.

After adding the subaccount, choose Cloud to On-premises.

Back-end type: ABAP

Protocol: RFC

Connection type: With/ without load balancing (here I am choose Without load balancing).

Application server: Backend system IP

Instance Number: Backend system Instance Number

Click on Finish.

And then add resource upload (SAP Note 3112568).


Now choose On-premises to Cloud.

Click on + service channel.

Select the type: ABAP Cloud system.

Click on Next.

For ABAP cloud tenant Host, login to the Datasphere.

Choose Connections from More option.

Select BW Bridge and click on edit.

Goto HTTP Access, have host details (Copy without https://)

Now come to Cloud connector, paste the Host, and choose instance number 00 to 99.

Click on finish.


8.Create a Communication System in the SAP BW Bridge Tenant

The on-premises source system must be configured as communication system in the SAP BW bridge tenant. A communication system is a specification of a system that represents a communication partner and the technical information required for the communication (inbound/outbound), such as the host name and user information (inbound/outbound).

Login to the BW Bridge Cockpit

Choose Communication Management under Administration tab.


Select Communication Systems.

Click on New.


Enter system ID.

Enter the required fields (RFC Setting).

Select Inbound Communication.

Create a user inbound communication.

Click on +.

Select Outbound communication.

Click on +, add user ID (which backend system user in system type)

Then Click on save.

Now communicated backend system and BW Bridge.


Thank you

Shravani Kethireddy

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