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Special thanks to ingo.hilgefort for setting up this webcast from last week and thanks to Lindsay Wickham for setting up the webcast series.  klaus-peter.sauer4  led the session along with Daniel Felsmann.

Figure 1: Source: SAP

Enabled HANA cloud cockpit for monitoring

Enhanced resource monitoring

Get data statistics on remote systems

See link (logon required) for details


Figure 2: Source: SA
Data Warehouse Cloud Community page, providing more information on best practices and troubleshooting


Road map

Road map experienced upcoming session - register here

Figure 3: Source: SAP

Data Marketplace - central functionality to check data


Today, only connect to data sources in infrastructure

With marketplace, "freedom" to connect to external data source and combine with own data sets


In an integrated fashion, integrate data sets with a few clicks

Planned for Q4, and further extend over next quarters

Figure 4: Source: SAP

Will be in navigation screen

Data Marketplace button

Embedded are the different data providers

Then connect to your data model

Select data asset that you want to combine, assign to a space

Can use with Data Builder with drag and drop

Simplifies transfer of external data

Figure 5: Source: SAP

Data cleansing, intelligent look up

Cleanse data from different sources

Planned for Q4

Figure 6: Source: SAP

Sample screen show of intelligent lookup

Figure 7: Source: SAP

Bottom: Flexible tenant configuration is planned for September - newly provisioned tenants; embedded in administration screen

Upsize/downsize in Q1 2022 - if assigned too much resources to space/tenant, possible downsize


Q3: Make DWC available on Azure hyperscaler in US

DWC is now SOC I/II compliant

September - improve monitoring by embedding system schemas

This month will have remote authorization for BW/4HANA and BW7.5 - replicate authorizations; an often requested features


Q1/2022: improve data access control supporting boolean scenarios

Now DWC supports just Chrome, next year support Edge browser


Future - fully automate existing solutions for user management

Intelligent recommendation engine - recommend upscale/downscale, and when use sample content to speed implementation framework


Integration - Postgres, SFTP and more

Statistics - how long a data load took

Q4: Support of RestAPI's, Kafka support and connect to Kafka file shares

Copy file data flow, feature launch of Data Marketplace

Vision for integration: transfer/transition BW artifacts

Federation first principle

Intelligence data steward - help users make an informed decision

Data Match Center - system gives you recommendations which data fits best from Data Marketplace


Manage: Data Preview enhancements - one harmonized data preview in data modeling

Data Management - input parameters, data access control (planned Wave 19, September)

Refresh remote tables

Spaces - open spaces for API support, to create a space, assign users, using API's; planned later this month

Data modelling Q4: dimensions with measures, compound key, change management - and save as functionality

Space tile redesign

Data interaction - intelligence lookup

Q1/2022 - currency conversion - load non SAP currency conversion

Reuse S/4HANA Cloud conversion tables

Vision: space as service -assign or sell space to a customer

Vision: embed machine learning capability; recommendation engine

Future - delivering cross application content for faster implementation time

Data catalog - released later this year, early next year; harmonized look and feel

Source: SAP

Legal disclaimer applies


Q&A: (subset)

Q: Will future market place and intelligent lookup be available in beta testing?

A: Yes, beta planned for Q3, will go on for 90 days

Beta for SAP Marketplace & Intelligent Lookup

Beta for SAP Marketplace & Intelligent Lookup:;INNO=000D3ABE772D1EE...


Weekly updates to the road map explorer


Q: BW 7.5 on HANA - do you recommend go to BW/4HANA or DWC?

A: Depends on whether customer wants to go public cloud; DWC is a public cloud


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