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This is the link to SAP Data Warehouse Cloud from the Road Map Explorer:

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Q: SAP Data Warehouse Cloud (DWC), does it provide live connection with SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)?

A: Yes, SAC connects live to Data Warehouse Cloud


Q: Is there any plan for private cloud connectivity in the future?

A: We do not plan for a private cloud offering of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud.  But you can connect anyway your SAP Data Warehouse Cloud to on premise and cloud sources alike


Q: The UI of SAP DWC is quite similar to SAC and both are integrated so is there any plan in the future to have these products under one umbrella or bundle in one license rather than separate licenses?

A: SAP DWC comes with 5 SAC licenses included and gives you a starting point.  Going beyond still two separate licenses are required. But we make sure that you can integrate SAC with DWC


Q: Are there any data limitations in DWC?

A: SAP DWC allows to connect to a broad variety of data sources and access them in both federated and replicated


Q: How to position DWC as compared to other analytics solutions such as BW/4HANA and SAP Data Intelligence?  When best to use which product?

A: To differentiate between BW/4HANA and DWC we recommend to go after the customer's preference whether they want to go to cloud or stay on premise.  Given their current setup we do not force them to choose one over the other as we acknowledge that customers typically have invested great efforts in their BW set ups.  Thus we allow operate BW/4HANA and DWC in a hybrid manner to best support you in your journey.  SAP Data Intelligence focuses on data management, data pipelining and data distribution while DWC focuses on analytical (non-visual) aspects and to build a true data foundation.


Q: In the builder is it possible to have variables/parameters on dimensions and currency conversion?

A: Variables/parameters as well as currency conversion will be available in early 2021.


Q: Are there any improvements planned on authorization concepts?  Like am I able to import authorizations from CDS views and am I able to kind of join authorizations when joining different data sources?

A: The data access control concept in DWC allows to be based on remote tables as well as tables that reside in DWC. Controls can be applied to any given view within the data layer.  On the business layer we allow to maintain data access controls as authorization scenarios and by that abstract the technical assignment from the LoB/Business users.


Q: Is there BW query design to model reports and consume it in reporting tools of SAP and non-SAP?

A: The element that comes closest to BW query design is the so-called consumption model in the business layer.  While DWC works best with SAC we also allow to connect to non-SAP consumption tools like PowerBI, Tableau, etc. Data/information can be consumed using the ODBC connector and futurewise we will offer an Odata based API for data access.


Thanks to Fabian Hartje for answering these questions live.

On a separate but related topic, SAP's ingo.hilgefort  new book, Mastering SAP Analytics Cloud, Empower your Business Users, is now available at Amazon.  It's a comprehensive book, 991 pages long, covering personas. tutorials, how to use it, how to use it with other SAP productions.  I highly recommend this book.
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