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Recently my colleagues and I at Interdobs attended our very first Hackathon.

We build a number of great solutions, one was focused on adding additional content to the awesome solution olaf.fischer has described here:


Main objective for us was to improve the monitoring of jobs in Data Warehouse Cloud. Addtional content was created to add details to the replication jobs and also list the failed jobs.


We have created and extended the following views which have been build as a basis for our DWC Monitoring dashboard:


1.V_CLIENT_MONITORING_VIEW; View that combines the relevant monitoring tables with measures like “Duration” and different counters


2.V_TASK_LOG_MESSAGES_V_EXT; View that contains the tasks and the related messages


3.MON_LOCK_TASK_DETAILS; View looks at the tasks that are running in the system (thus lock objects) and collects the corresponding messages


4.MON_LOCK_LOG_TASK_DETAILS; View looks at the tasks that are causing locks in the system and collects the messages of the latest failed task related to the same application/space/object combination in DWC


SAP Analytics Cloud Dashboard


Start page


Conflicting tasks

All code including an export of the SAC Dashboard can be found on our gitHUB repository:


We hope you enjoy our efforts!


Bas Visser

Erik van Winden

Odin van Doorn

Ronald Konijnenburg
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