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This article is about operating SAP Data Services on LINUX. This article is relevant/more/ helpful for those who are first timer on LINUX.

As we have seen lots of stuff on SAP Data Services on Windows, however we have very little information available on Administration of Data Services on LINUX Operating system.

Since SAP Data Services XI 4.0 there is a lot from Administration Perspective. Lots of Administration tasks are moved from Management Console to Central Management Console. But there are still some points which needs your Linux skills if Data Services Server is sitting on Linux. This becomes more important if you are particularly looking from support perspective.

Since SAP has announced HANA and every thing in SAP is being available on HANA (Powered by HANA) like ECC on HANA, BW on HANA and HANA as Native, then Data Services is being used as ETL tool to load data into HANA. SAP HANA certified Data Services as the only tool which can load data into HANA.

All the HANA appliance and software uses LINUX/UNIX kind of operating system and hence Data Services is also being installed on LINUX/UNIX.(this is not the primary reason, but yes it is one of the main reason from the security, cost, and maintenance perspective)

Now it becomes extremely important that Data Services guy should know basic Linux and know how to operate/maintain that product in Linux.

Again, since the XI 4.0  release, SAP is trying to draw a line between SAP DataServices development, Administration and Build Management.

This is good and it bring more transparency in the process and become easier to assign roles. SAP has greatly improved the security of SAP Data Services and have more control on objects in terms of roles and authorizations. (So its also important to understand the administration from BOE/IPS)

Well the series of article on "Data Services with Linux"  is focusing on Administration of Data Services from Operating system perspective

This article will server a base document to access all the Information available on SAP Data Services with LINUX/UNIX.

This article is written using SAP Data Services XI 4.1 SP02.

Following are the article that has step by step instructions to work with Data Services on LINUX.

Data Services on Linux - Version check of Data Services Components

How to Add Local Repo with Data Services Job Server in LINUX

How to Start/Stop Data services Server on LINUX

Data Services on Linux - Start/Stop Services

This space will be continuously updated.

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