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Hi All,


Finally, the most awaited Data services version 4.3 got released by 31st Apr 2022.


it came up with good developments and improvements. I have just started using it. sooner I will post all details.

let's walk through with main details I have gotten.


My 1st experience is that it won't support 4.2 version or 4.2 patches anymore - You must
use the highest supported 4.3 version of SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence platform (BI platform) or SAP Business Objects Information Platform Services (IPS) with Data Services 4.3.

So, you should uninstall the existing BO setup or IPS setup and get the latest version.

Disclaimer: do not try to upgrade it, just uninstall and install a newer version, upgrade we are having a lot of unsupported issues, 🙂 Hope u get good benefits with this tip.

Note: You can still upgrade from the 4.2 version as well, but my experience is not good with this option but the new installation was smooth.


Prerequisites for BODS + IS ( Information Steward)

  • SAP Business Objects Information platform services (IPS) 4.3 SP2 Patch 1 or the highest compatible patch if you only want to use features of Data Services or Information Steward

  • When performing a full or fresh installation of IPS, you must use the latest IPS installation package that has been certified per KBA 3197694 and has a name ending in "ONE".

  • Link is here KBA3197694

Prerequisites for BODS + BI reporting ( I have not used it yet):

- SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence platform (BI platform) 4.3 SP2 Patch 1 or highest compatible patch if you also want to use Business Intelligence clients such as Web Intelligence documents or Crystal Reports.


once it done, we got to use:

Version details

Installation packages



I have seen few improvements in excel source as well and address cleansing transform.


I will come up with more details on it in the next series.

I hope my learning and analysis would help you to understand the installation of the BODS 4.3 version.


In the next blog posts, we can discuss more processing.

That’s all about this blog post.

Thanks for reading, please provide your feedback. ?

Happy Learning, see you in my next blog 🙂



Venkatesh Golla
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