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SP 4 was released for Data Services 4.2, this blog focus on the new functionality released in this service pack. There was also ASUG session on the new features earlier this year, the pictures below are extracts from this session.


MongoDB is a popular document orientated database, is also open source. The data is stored in a JSON format and is different from traditional databases. SAP has made functionality in the form of an adapter to allow extraction of data. Currently data services can only be used as source and to extract data.

Google Big Query

Google Big Query is Google own version of big data in the cloud. They offering the power of Google in the form of a DB in the cloud that is super fast. SAP has now introduced functionality to allow us to create a datastore to connect to Google Big Query. The first release only allows us to use Data Services to LOAD data into Google Big Query. No extraction.


Further support has been added for Hadoop.  In 4.2 SP03 view data and profiling was introduced for Hadoop Hive tables. With SP04 we now have support to view data for Hadoop HDFS files. No profiling available for Hadoop HDFS files yet. Can be used as a source and target, also includes filtering and push down to HDFS.

Data Mask

There is a new transform added for data masking. I was happy to see this functionality as many times I have masked data, but of course I did it with my own functionality that I built. Now it is standard. :smile:

Other functionality

The above for me was key new functionality that was introduced. Other functionality that was introduced that is handy

  • Additional push down for HANA & IQ
  • Replication functionality introduced in SP03 has been extended in SP04 to include MS SQL Server, IBM DB2 and SAP ASE
  • Data Quality updates for several countries. None being South Africa so not a big plus for me. But could be helpful for others :wink:

Hope the above is helpful.

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