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The purpose of this document is to up-grade SAP Data Services from 4.2 SP12 to SAP Data Services 4.2 SP13


Environment Details:

Operating system: Windows Server 2016 64 Bit

Database: Microsoft SQL Server 2012 R2

Web Application: Tomcat 8

SAP Business Objects Tools: Information Platform Services 4.2 SP7; SAP Data Services 4.2 SP13

Migration Tools: Data Services Repository Manager

Repository version: BODI 11.7 or BODS 3.X or BODS 4.X

Installation & Configuration steps to upgrade SAP BODS 3.X/4.X to SAP BODS 4.2 SP13:

Pre Installation Check List:

  • Backup of repositories, configuration files & Data Cleanse files:

  • Backup of Local, Profile & Central Repository

  • Backup of Following Configuration Files:

    • admin.xml

    • sapconnections.xml

    • as.xml

    • dsconfig.txt

  • Backup of Data Cleanse Files

  • Create a Check list of Number of Batch Jobs/Real Time Jobs, Number of Access Server, Number of Job Server & Configuration Path (Datastore) of Source & Target Systems

  • Create a Check list of Jobs Scheduling in SAP Business Objects Data Services Management Console

  • Create a Check list of Groups & Users Available in SAP Business Objects Data Services Management Console

Post Installation Check List:

  • Installation of EIM(Enterprise Information Management) or IPS(Information Platform Services) Package in New Landscape

  • Installation of SAP BODS 4.2 SP13

  • Installation & Configuration of Address Cleansing Package 4.2

  • Best Practices says use the same Database that you have use in SAP BODS 4.x make a cloned copy and Use in SAP BODS 4.2 SP13 environment

  • Up-gradation of Local /Central repository Using Data Services Repository Manager

  • Configuration of Repository in EIM or IPS (Package Name) Central management Console.

  • Configuration of SAP RFC in Data Services Management Console 4.2 SP13

  • Configuration of Adapters in Data Services Management Console 4.2 SP13

  • Apply Rights & Security according to your requirement in BIM or IPS (Package Name) Central management Console

  • Now Login in SAP BODS Designer 4.2 SP13 and configure Jobs (Real Time/Batch Jobs)

  • Configuration of Datastore (SAPR3,SAP BW, RDBMS), Substitution Parameters, Job Server, Access Server, Format Data Type (Flat Files, CSV)

  • Now validate the Jobs at Top Level and if error comes fix those errors

  • Now Execute the Jobs using Scheduler or other BI Tools

SAP Business Objects Information Platform Services 4.x SPxx Installation & Configuration Documents:

Product Infrastructure Dependency:

Data Services (DS) requires SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI) or Information Platform Services (IPS) for security capability. The table below shows the BI/IPS version and the corresponding compatible version of Data Services.

For more information on the compatibility of Data Services with BI platform or IPS versions, and compatible patch information, please see SAP Note 1740516

1789731 – What version is compatible with Data Services 4.X? – Data Quality Management for SAP

Supported Platform Link:

Validation of Current Environment before and after application upgrade:

For Validation of Jobs, Access Server, Adapter & Web Services I am using script to populate the data in text file, Please refer the o/p for your reference.

S.No Validation Activity Count
1 Count of Local Repository 1
2 Count of Secure Central Repository 1
3 Count of Job Server 1
4 Count of Access Server 1
5 Count of Batch Job 18
6 Count of Real Time Job 18
7 Count of Adapter 1
8 Count of Web Services 18

Count of Repository: Currently I have 1 “Local & 1 “Secure Central repository” highlighted in Yellow color.

* For validation you can also use “Local repository” metadata for above details. Here I used BATCH script to check all above parameter in my current systems, Please refer the below screenshot for your reference.

Count of Job Server:

Count of Access Server:

Count of Batch & Real Time Job:

Same details you can get from batch script for Adapter & Web Services.

Up gradation & Configuration Documents:

When the prerequisite system check completes successfully, click Next

On the “SAP BusinessObjects Information platform services 4.2 SP7  Patch 7 setup” page, click Next.

Accept the License Agreement, and click Next.

Select Language (English) By Default, and click on Next

Type a password for the CMS Administrator account, and click Next

Now Select Installation mode as “Standard Installation” and click on Next

To start the installation, click Next.

Installation is in progress


Up gradation & Configuration Documents of Data Services:

When the prerequisite system check completes successfully, click Next

On the “SAP BusinessObjects Data Services 4.2 SP12 setup” page, click Next.

Accept the License Agreement, and click Next.

Click Next to accept the default path to the folder where the program will be installed.

Click Next so that it can use the same location where SAP BusinessObjects Data services related files are deployed, once upgrade is done please validate the configuration

Click Next as “English” is by default Language, You can select as per your requirement

Update SAP BusinessObjects Administrator credential to update the Metadata w.r.t new setup and click on Next

Click on Yes

SAP BusinessObjects Data Services Installation is started, Click on Next

Installation is in progress


SAP Business Objects Data Services 4.2 SP13 Configuration Documents:

Before upgrade of local repository below are the error in SAP BusinessObjects Data Services Designer/Central Management console

So before login upgrade the repository using SAP Business Objects Repository manager.Below are the steps for upgrade of  local repository details:

Below are the steps for upgrade of local repository & upgrade of secure central repository

Upgrade of Local Repository using SAP Data Services Repository manager:

Open SAP Data Services repository manager and check the version before migrating, You can also check in repository metadata through SQL

And after validating click on upgrade tab

Upgrade of Secure Central Repository:

Do the same validation for Secure central repository

And after validating click on upgrade tab

After Installation & Up-gradation of SAP business Objects BOE/IPS Server, SAP Business Objects Data Services 4.2SP13 below are the status that i upgraded in VM Ware

S.No Repository Name Repository Version Upgraded Version Status
1 LOCAL_REPO 14.2.3 14.2.13 Completed
2 CENTRAL_REPO 14.2.3 14.2.13 Completed

Then Login to Central Management Console -> Go to Data Services

Then Click on Data Services and check the repository version details.

Now try to login in SAP BusinessObjects Data Services Designer with SAP Business Objects Credential

Click on Logon and Click on “ok”

Now login in SAP BusinessObjects Data Services management console

Click on “Administrator” tab

Relevant Systems

These enhancements were successfully implemented in the following systems:

  • SAP Information Platform Services 4.2 SP7

  • SAP BusinessObjects Data Services 4.2 SP13

This document is relevant for

  • SAP BusinessObjects Data Services Administrator

This blog does not cover:

  • SAP BusinessObjects Data Quality Management Up-Gradation

Upgrade installation of SAP Data Services 4.2 SP13:- Some items to keep in mind when you install this upgrade:

  • The installer migrates the objects in the DSConfig.txt file to the new Data Services 4.2 SP9 locations. For more information about these changes, see User Access Control (UAC) support.

  • If, during the installation, you choose to configure a Data Services repository with an Oracle database, the installer will not accept the ojdbc5.jar file as a supported Oracle JDBC driver, and the installation will be blocked. The ojdbc5.jar file is not a supported Oracle JDBC driver in Data Services 4.2 SP13, so use ojdbc6.jar instead.

  • While you are performing an upgrade installation, if the existing Data Services product keys are already expired, the installation will be blocked.

  • For Windows, the upgrade installer contains an option to change the default location of the Data Services common directory (DS_COMMON_DIR). The new directory must be local and be accessible to all applicable users. Additionally the new directory must have sufficient disk space for the configuration and log files that reside in the common directory. For more information, see the Installation Guide for Windows (Installation, Interactive installation using default configuration, Change DS_COMMON_DIR location).

Whether you are upgrading from Data Services 4.x or some other prior version, keep in mind the following, because they apply to both upgrade scenarios.

    • Data Services Profiler configuration: When you upgrade to Data Services 4.2 SP13, the Profiler configuration parameters are set to default values. If you had previously modified any of the Profiler configuration parameters, after installing 4.2 SP13, you need to log on to the Management Console and change the Profiler configuration parameters to your custom settings.

  • Oracle users: Before upgrading to version 4.2 SP13, be sure to grant the database account the create any sequence privilege

Reference Material:-

Upgrade Guide:

Installation Guide Windows:

Installation Guide UNIX:

SAP Data Services 4.2:

SAP Data Services 4.2 Product Availability Matrix:

SAP Data Services Blueprints (Sample ATL Files of BODS 4.x)

Data Services Product Tutorials:

Video Tutorials:


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