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This blog will guide to configure the SAP Data Service Designer with Sybase software development kit with step-by-step procedure. As a starting stage of Data service, I referred several blogs for configuring the Sybase development kit with Data service designer which consumed a lot of time to made it. So I am writing this blog to help others as I have explained with details from scratch.

Pre requisites:

  1. Download the SAP Data service 4.2 from

  2. Download the Sybase software Kit from

  3. Install both applications in your machine.

  4. Collect the IP address details from server team.

Let’s get started:

Step 1: Launch the ‘Open Client Directory Service Editor’ from start Menu.

Step 2: Click the InterfacesDriver, then Click OK.

Step 3: Enter the connection details to connect the database. We need to provide the Server Name and Server Address to connect the database in dsedit.

Step 4: Right click the Server Address, go to, Modify Attribute.

Step 5: Add the Network Address Attribute.

Step 6: Provide the IP address with Port number in format, IP-address, Port Number.

Step 6: Test the Ping server - Right click on server address, click ping server.

Step 7: Click ping tab.

Step 8: Server is connected Successfully.

Once the above steps have been carried out, the ‘SQL’ configuration setting file should be populated in the C Drive.

Windows c drive-->sybase-->ini-->SQL.

Step 9: The details which used in the dsedit that should be reflected in the ‘SQL’ configuration file.

ODBC Data Sources Connection

Step 1: Create the new Data source for sybase database under User DSN.

Step 2: Click finish.

Step 3: Enter the details in ODBC sybase wire protocol Driver setup.

Step 4: Provide the network address and port number with below format - Network address, Port number

Step 5: Click Test Connect.

Step 6: Provide the user name and password for respective database.

Step 7: Click OK to check the connection.

Step 8: Click Apply and OK.

Step 9: The new connection has been added under user DSN. Click OK.

Host Maintain:

Step 1: Press Window+R to get the run command.

Step 2: Enter ‘drivers’ and click OK or go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers.

Step 3: Go to ‘etc’ folder and open the 'hosts' in the notepad.

Step 4: Maintain the IP and host details in the note pad, and, save it.



Now we can connect the Data Service Designer to configure with Sybase.

Hope this blog will be useful for the beginners to configure the Data Services with Sybase Software kit.


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