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Here we can find out how to create Dataset using CSV file in SAP Data Intelligence with the help of Data preparation. By using Modeler, we can understand process to push data from DI to SAC under the governance of IT.


In this exercise we will take sample sales data per quarter and upload from desktop and use Factsheet to make profiling

System Preparation

For implementing this scenario, you require:

  • Access to SAP Data Intelligence

  • A Cloud storage to which SAP Data Intelligence can connect

  • Data preparation

  • Create dataset


By using Data preparation, we can achieve all these CSV file e.g. like replace, remove and formatting CSV data based on our requirement

Step 1: Click Browse Connections


Click upload CSV Company Sales data and view fact sheet to preview the data

Select data Fact Sheet and data preview

Click Data preparation and we can remove duplicate data and replace and the data  and then click Actions

While Clicking Run Preparation here system created DATASET as mentioned name and with the same name DATASET should be created in SAC

Data Pipeline point of view we need to use SAP DI Modeler to make required Pipeline to transfer data from SADI to SAC

Go to Modeler and search push SAC Analytical Cloud we can find as show below

We need to open each step Configuration and required information to be added as shown below

Read File

Decode Table Configuration

SAP Analytical Cloud configuration below

SAC Analytical Cloud Config steps

After that we have to save and Run the Pipe line

After successfully run we can see as below

Once you login in SAC Tenant the DATASET created  with the same name given SAP DI system as shown below

while opening DATASET in SAC we can see same data as in SAP DI.

data preview in SAC

The provided example is just a small experiment used for illustration purposes. Real life tends to bring a way bigger tasks that require a collaborative work of multiple people. This article gives you some hints how to use SAP Data Intelligence for working on large projects and using data Preparation and Pipeline use to create DATASET to push data to  SAC  I hope you find this blog post helpful. Please feel free to share your thoughts and ask questions.


Thank you so much!!

Ramesh Talari
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