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From April M33.85 is the latest available version of CPS.

SAP Note 1844465  SAP CPS 8.0 by Redwood: M33.85.

     This note describes changes between SAP Netweaver CPS M33.79 and M33.85. You can also find the Quick Install Guide of the M33.79.

SAP KBA 1798427  FAQ: How to check SAP CPS (Redwood) Version/Milestone and access SAP CPS documentation.

     This KBA shows you how to check what Version/Milestone you have installed.

     It also explain you how to access and download most of the guides from the installed server.

Main Guides

     SAP CPS 8.0 Installation Guide M33.58

     SAP CPS 8.0 Administration Guide M33.58

     SAP CPS 8.0 Troubleshooting Guide M33.58

     SAP CPS 8.0 Security Guide M33.58

     SAP CPS 8.0 Sizing Guide


     Redwood Tutorials Highly recommended 5 to 10 minutes tutorials that can make beginners save a lot of time.

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