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Mapping Documenter Tool! This can be my 10 Year Challenge 🙂

In Oct 2009 I released a Java tool for documenting SAP PI Message Mapping and 10 years later I'm here today with a similar tool for documenting SAP CPI Message Maps. Thanks to r_herrmann to inspire me with his CPI Dashboard tool. This gave me idea to tool my standalone java code which I have been using for a while to both document and analyze SCPI Maps.

Without wasting any more time, lets see about the tool, how to download, configure and use it.

About the Tool

It's a fairly intuitive Web frontend page that allows to navigate to the required maps.

Upon navigating and selecting the Map, the tool process the metadata of Map and generate an table with the source, target fields and constants, function used in transformation. The result entries can be searched/filtered in the UI and also can be downloaded as Excel.

  • The tool works for both CPI and ESR Maps imported into CPI.

  • It works only for the Editable Integration Package and not Configure Only Integration Package.

  • It works only for the Versioned IFow's. In other words it does not work for IFlows in Draft Version (Exception being the initial Draft which is actually version 1.0.0).


The Frontend and the service to feed data are built as a Composite IFlow. You can download it from Git Repository here.


1. Import the IFlow in to an Integration Package.

2. Configure Sender Webbrowser: It has 5 HTTP Channels sharing a common URL Base Path and Role parameters.

Tool_base_URL  URL Path Prefix that you want to access the tool from.
User Role The Role to limit access to the tool.

I recommend creating a custom role to enable tool Access. New custom role can be created in the Runtime Node following this Guide. It will avoid assigning ESBmessaging.send role to Tool users which result in giving them unintended IFlow execution rights ( since it's common practice to use the default role for all IFlows).

3. Configure Receiver SAP_CPI: It has 4 HTTP Channels to consume SAP CPI ODATA APIs. The channels are sharing the configuration parameter for TMN host and Credentials.

SCPI_Host  SAP CPI tenant management node Host Name
Credential Name  Security Material / User Credential Artifact Name with TMN User/Password

4. Save and Deploy IFlow.

Using It

Copy the Main Page URL from the Deployed IFlow and open in a Browser.

The WebApp open with the Integration Package preloaded. Upon selecting the Package, the Integration Flows in the package is fetched real-time and similarly the Message Mapping. When the Map is selected the table is populated with the mapping data and can also be downloaded as Excel.


Happy Using! Please feedback and report any Error / Inconsistency which would help me to improvise the tool.
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