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Dear All,


I am writing this blog to address the requirement where we need to add SAP CPI message-id in FILE-NAME for FTP/SFTP receiver adapter.

In my scenario, 10 +files were getting created at the same time (up to milliseconds) hence adding time stamp was not the solution.

So I followed many blogged to make every filename unique but could not achieve the result.

Here are the detailed steps required to add "Message-ID" in File Name.

Option 1- Add only Message-id

  1. Create the iflow as per your requirement

  2. Go to your SFTP/FTP receiver channel.

  3. set file name like this


Date time is optional here.

It will add the CPI message-id in the file name and it will be helpful to monitor the message as well in CPI.


Option 2- Add Message-id along with a Counter

In my iflow I have also added <counter> in the file name.


  1. Create the iflow as per your requirement

  2. add "Content Modifier" (in my iflow, its "UserDefinedvalue")

  3. set up a number range in CPI using this blog.

  4. once number range defined ,go to "Exchange Property of your Content modifier"

  5. creat a Property and give it a name ex- number, and in value -give the same as you have set in number range in "operation view" ex "NumberRange"

6. now go to your SFTP/FTP receiver channel and set the filename like this


Date time is optional here.

Here  ${property.number} - is the name we sent in "exchange Property".

After deploying the changes you should get the file name as per expectations.

Your comments and feedback are most welcome.





Thanks and Regards,






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