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Source: SAP


This was a SAP Community call today, hosted by SAP Mentor team

Watch the replay here

Source: SAP

Legal disclaimer applies

Source: SAP

Agenda is above

Source: SAP

Digitization puts pressure on IT

Source: SAP

Multi channel application, available any where, any time

Fulfill business needs fast

Leverage previewed components, do not have to write code for application

Source: SAP

Average development time is 12 weeks

Service available on SCP in all regions

Source: SAP

Uses Fiori templates, use any theme

Source: SAP

Starts with the requirements

Modeler creates UI, model, persistency, in one tool

Deploy on SAP Cloud Platform

Developer can collaborate with end user on platform for continuous improvement of the application

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Integrating with Leonardo

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Demo -

Source: Mendix

Drills down to Mendix; where item is

Using Edge platform

Create "smart contract"

Combine IoT


Writes to blockchain if temperature is too high

Two different applications linked by OData Services

Starter SAP applications

Direct link from stories, sprints to development

Mendix modeler with drag and drop

Mendix App store

For the full demo please watch the recording

Question and Answer

Q: How position this RAD to BUILD?

A: BUILD is a solution for prototyping;


Q: do the "restful APIs" that are to be consumed have to confirm to some sort of interface or contract?

A:  Mendix does not produce SAPUI5 application but it has a set of page templates with the Fiori look and feel

Q: When you say Mendix platform. is the another SAAS app or does it run on an SAP cloud stack somewhere?

A: Mendix platform resides on Mendix cloud. The application created with Mendix run on SAP Cloud Platform

Q: can Mendix be compared with Neptune?

A: No, both are Rapid application Low Code solutions...

Q: How granular could we go in terms of modelling these UI elements. Does it support concepts of formatting? Could I show a Purchase Order in red color if it is beyond 30days?

A: Yes

Q:  it's great that facilities like user story management and source code control is included. Can one use their own agile / user story systems, and source code control / flow systems, in combination with Mendix. Can one generate debuggable (ie non-minified JS) sources for testing and exploration in browser developer tools? How extensible are the generated apps? More philosophically, are they designed to be extended / modified?

A: Mendix is extensible at client/server; Atlas framework based on bootstrap

Open Source, and build your own building blocks

Extensible at client using standard technical; JavaScript widget, extend functionality for the user; add Java actions to extend platform at server level for connectors

Debugging - showed in demo

Q: Is there any integration capabilities with SAP SuccessFactors?

A: SuccessFactor Integration is not yet supported. But it is planned on the roadmap

Q: If I am a UI5 developer, how do I embrace this to be successful?

A: Has own client technical; moving from Dojo framework

With UI builder, you create native HTML structures

Style it in any form you want

Q:Responsive design?

A: Yes; can design for tablet and mobile


Comment from dj.adams 
"this is a fabulous example of the difference between Fiori (the design language) and UI5 (a toolkit that can be used to implement Fiori). Looking behind the curtains of the Fiori app that's being demo'd ... there's no UI5 "

More comments from Mendix
Mendix does not produce SAPUI5 application but it has a set of page templates with the Fiori look and feel

Comment from webcast host chris.kernaghan
Love a good widget

Tutorial here

SAP Public Web link is here


Check out future SAP Community Calls here
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