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Join me on a virtual tour of the SAP Extension and Integration Suite as part of the SAP Community calls.

Virtual Tour with SAP Champions is a new series within the SAP Community Calls aimed at helping community members get the best out of the Community platform. In my session, I will help clarify what is SAP Extension and Integration Suite and why it is becoming ever more important for SAP customers to start thinking about their journey to the cloud. With plenty of topics and resources out there, you might feel overwhelmed especially if you are new to these topics.

The goal of this session is to introduce you to key topic areas in SAP Community where you can find the right information on how to keep yourself updated and relevant.


  • Introduction to SAP Integration & Extension Suite

  • How to navigate SAP Community to find resources relevant to this topic

  • Demo and walk through of key assets which will help you to remain updated

  • How to engage and interact with the community members on these topics


Event Date: 2-March-2021

Time: 12 am CET / 6 pm ET / 3 pm PT / 10 am AEDT

Registration Link

Looking forward to have a good discussion on this topic.
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