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SAP VORA - Big Data

No matter if you are already a SAP HANA or HADOOP, SPARK, Cloud, Big Data expert or if you are completely new to SAP VORA. Are you interested in hands-on experience of SAP VORA? Do you want to meet one of the product managers or experts of SAP VORA and ask him all the questions you have in mind? Or do you just want to meet other geeks from the Bern area to discuss these topics?

Just to have an impression what will happen. There is a small blog of Witalij


If you answered one of the questions above with yes, you should go and register to our next SAP CodeJam event:

Is it necessary to explain about the SAP CodeJam event format? It’s just a relaxed afternoon together with other geeks.
We will start at 1.00 pm in the office of Swisss Post - Espace. We are located just in neighbourhood of the Wankdorf area.You can use the parking slots of the Wankdorf stadion, but they are not for free! Even better: use the public transportation.

Our office is only few S-Bahn station away from the main station. Or you take a 40 minutes walk through the city of Bern. After some hours of hacking, we might get hungry. So I’m quite sure that our Apero will prepare the right food for us.

If you need some more details about “VORA” and Big Data, just ask we will try to clarifie. You don’t know what to expect at a SAP CodeJam in Bern? This might give you an idea what will happen there.

I hope to see you there!

Here are some impressions from our last SAP CodeJam IoT in Bern:

Some Impressions about the SAP CODE JAM  and SAP INSIDE TRACK Bern

You need something written. Here it is from the Rheinwerk Verlag

Usefull links about SAP VORA - Big Data




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