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And last Thursday, 29th June 2017, we had our first SAP CodeJam at the recently launched Accenture Liquid Studio in Utrecht, and the selected subject was SAP Cloud Platform Predictive Services.

Seventeen lucky enthusiasts could have the opportunity to spend and afternoon in a space that inspires innovation and supports collaborative work.

After some warm welcome words from Frank Lemmens and Yogesh Kothavade, it was time for Abdel Dadouche, our SAP expert, to present the format of the event and make an introduction about the selected, and very interesting, subject.

The audience was guided by Abdel through the predictive services available on the SAP Cloud Platform, and could understand, solve questions about the different options available, and everyone became experts on dataset, forecast, key influencers, outliers, scoring equation and what-if services - at least in theory! 🙂

And the most expected moment arrived, the hands-on time! And we could see some big smiles at the face of selected geeks in the room (a.k.a. everybody).

Abdel was there supporting everyone who had questions, and it was also interesting to see the collaboration between the participants. From the creation of the SAP Cloud Platform account, to the configuration and test of the predictive services, and the build of a SAPUI5 app to use them, it was an enriching experience to be in touch with a technology that can bring a lot of value to the solutions we can propose to our clients.

And the second most expected moment also arrived, a tasty dinner with an Asiatic touch was served just outside the Accenture Liquid Studio, so we could stretch a bit our legs, do some networking, laugh with our colleagues and, of course, eat.

Then, it was just time to go back to the Accenture Liquid Studio, finish the exercises, wrap-up the event and Bart van de Kamp, to say thank you to Abdel, SAP, Accenture and all the participants.

Thank you everyone for the success of this CodeJam, and hope to see you all on the next one!
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