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Calling all SAP Developers!

I'd like to announce the upcoming SAP CodeJam Sydney, that will take place on September 25th in the beautiful harbour city of Sydney Australia.

The topic for the CodeJam will be SAP Netweaver Gateway and SAPUI5.

SAP CodeJam is a great opportunity to meet the experts from SAP and your fellow developers, learning something new and exchange ideas in an informal hands-on 1/2 day workshop. There will be an introduction to the technologies (Gateway and SAPUI5) and then lots of time to get your hands dirty writing code. Headlining this event will be SAP's own andre.fischer (Gateway Guru). We also plan to have some SAP Mentors and SAPUI5 aficionados join us on the day!

The event is free, so all it will cost you is your time on a Wednesday afternoon (2pm - 7pm) - we even provide food and drinks! :grin: If you need to convince your boss of the value of giving you the afternoon off to attend here is something you can print out and drop on his desk. To give you a feel for the event you can check out this blog SAP CodeJam about SAP NetWeaver Gateway - Where to go next ? on the recent Gateway CodeJam held in Eindhoven.

So if your in the area I would encourage you to come along and join us for the afternoon - learn something new and meet some new people with the same interests as you. Please register for the event here:

I look forward to seeing you there!


If you'd like to come but you don't live nearby (e.g. you live on the other side of the planet  ) check out the other upcoming CodeJam sessions in the Code Jam Space or even better why not organize one yourself in your home town.

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