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Friday June 30 2017, we had our first SAP CodeJam at Xtensional. And what a success it was!


Over twenty curious attendees were gathered at 13:00 in our Xtensional office in Nieuwegein, each with his/her own expectations. Abdel Dadouche was our SAP-expert for the day.

Abdel started with outlining the importance of the SAP Developer Center, which can be found at, followed by a SAPUI5 introduction: what is SAPUI5 all about, the responsive web design, a refresh of the model-view-controller model, how to create a SAPUI5 application from a template in the SAP Web IDE and the Fiori guidelines on top of that.

Hands on we had the choice between a beginner scenario and a more advanced tutorial, both leading us step by step through the landscape of SAPUI5. For the more experienced user the advanced tutorial offered the opportunity to start at the step of your own interest.
Starting from the free SAP Cloud Platform trial account (, the Web IDE was our development environment.

Anyone familiar with ‘Hello World’…? Any Questions…?

Cookie Time arrived, with networking as a parallel activity:

And on we went… and yes, we needed Abdel to help us out when stuck for whatever reason. But also ‘real life’ SAPUI5 questions were being answered.

Dinner Time arrived with a Greek buffet and the desert had been specially made for us by Mieneke:




And even after Dinner Time the majority was still Jamming! Moving around with code snippets, checking the number of opening and closing brackets and semicolons… And sometimes, it still didn’t work…
Press F12 and the debugger shows up.
Raise your hand and there’s Abdel 
Thank you Abdel, thank you SAP!

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