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Despite code red on the Dutch weather and a flu epidemic we had a well-filled room for the SAP Gateway and OData CodeJam last Thursday 18 January 2018 at Xtensional in Nieuwegein. We even welcomed Joao, who came all the way from Lisbon!
Where outside trucks were being blown away, inside we enjoyed an informative, stimulating and interactive session.




After a short introduction of the attendees, Andre Fischer (SAP Mentor) started with an overview of what Gateway and OData are about: SAP Gateway is the technology used to connect to other environments, OData is used to retrieve data from a back-end system. He explained the relationship between these two and furthermore: how do CDS views and BOPF fit in?



How it all started….

It all started with Gateway code based implementation of OData services using the Service Builder (SEGW), followed by manual implementation. Did you know the OData protocol originally comes from Microsoft?

With OData V2 the current status is that next to the Service Builder there is the possibility to use CDS views for read access within the new ABAP Programming model by adding the annotation @OData.publish:true in the CDS consumption view.

In the future the newer OData V4 version will provide even more flexibility, including update access, so code based development will become an exception. The Service Builder makes place for Eclipse-based development, using ABAP Development Tools as an add-on.
Which solution to use depends on the type and version of the SAP system.

I’m not going to repeat here, what Andre already wrote in his blog J, so if you want to know more check out this link:



After a coffee-cookie break, everyone chose his or her own path to get hands-on experience. As Andre offered a variety of ‘How to’s’ for building OData services, beginners as well as professionals were able to get their own level of challenge in the environment of their own choice. Though Andre was available for help, participants also helped each other out when the other got stuck.





Another break with a Mexican buffet and a nice desert provided enough energy to work through until the storm reduced to ‘Safe to go home!’. But not to worry, Andre left us with enough tips and blogs to keep on evolving!


Thank you Andre, thanks again SAP!

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