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At the 7th of September, we organized SAP CodeJam Istanbul which I proudly initiated. It's been a while, yes. But I wanted to post this, better late than never 🙂 CodeJam was about SAP Cloud Application Programming Model (CAPM - frequently spelled as “CAP” with a silent ‘M’).

Don't know CAPM ?

I cannot imagine any curious mind who identifies herself/himself as a developer at SAP ecosystem and doesn’t aware of Cloud Application Programming Model! If you haven't heard of CAPM, it means you're unaware of a great tool/framework for building enterprise-grade applications. It also means you're missing the live stream series introduced by In this case, you might be too focused on #AbapIsNotDead hastag but do yourself a favor and take a look at this original and quality content on Hands-on SAP dev with qmacro. He covers lots of essential tools, and technologies for developers (which are not only valid in SAP context) while he is sharing his journey of investigating CAPM. It's not a cold dead blog post or robotic video recording. It's mostly very inspiring and engaging.



How it happened

At the SAP Inside Track Wroclaw, I had the privilege to attend the CAPM CodeJam instructed by DJ Adams and iinside. I immediately thought that we should have this in Istanbul too. I first mentioned it to Max at Wroclaw and he said why not and encouraged me to organize one in Istanbul. He is a very passionate and skillful Developer Advocate who is always covering key topics like this one. Special thanks to Max for the encouragement and enthusiasm coming to Istanbul.

Our beloved developer advocates - Great Team

What happened

We had 30 people and all day everyone was busy with following the instructions from DJ and Max. Everybody learned a lot, and said that they discovered new worlds full of exciting tools and frameworks. There was a companion github repo which includes all the steps which really helped to understand each step better. Plus, you can check it whenever you want after the event (feels good when you need to catch up and no time to fill some gaps in your mind). It is brilliant to have one in this type of sessions or courses. Also it's being improved constantly by the help of given feedbacks!

Finding the venue

Well, some might think that organizing a CodeJam requires huge efforts but it's as simple as sending an email to The most important thing after sending your request is finding a proper place for 20-30-40 people depending on your community. Luckily, one of our community member is the CTO of Foriba(Sovos), ayhanb . He knows how valuable to have this event in Istanbul and how important it is for our local community. Without any questions or hesitation he helped us to organize the rest of the event by providing us a place and food/snacks/coffee to help us feel comfortable during the CodeJam. Special thanks to Ayhan for providing us a cozy place for this event.

Birthday & Other Things

Couple of days before the CodeJam was DJ's birthday (1bf660afcf81417ca60d42962287a506 remembered that) and after lunch we had a surprise for DJ. He was not expecting it at all when we brought the cakes 🙂

We've spent some time together before & after the event


We really enjoyed every bit of this CodeJam and spent great time all together! Huge thanks to SAP Developer Relations for having such an amazing people on their teams. Also thanks for providing CodeJam events for the community! 

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