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What's this all about?

In 2013 we had the first SAP Inside Track event here in Munich. For this year's Inside Track event we decided to extend this community driven event by adding one more day. Usually an SAP Inside Track is being hold on a Saturday and we thought would be a nice thing when the community meets the day before for doing an SAP Code Jam together. And so we did: and of course it had to be an ABAP for SAP HANA Code Jam because this is a very new important topic for every ABAP developer and it fitted in our SAP Inside Track event perfectly (and as you may know the running course about ABAP development for SAP HANA). You can find a summary about this year's sitmuc event here (not published, yet).

How did it work?

The SAP Code Jam took place at the Impact HUB Munich, a very cool collaboration platform for creative, social and sustainable start-ups, small companies and communities. So this is the perfect environment for learning and sharing knowledge.

We were very glad that SAP sent us a perfect team for guiding through the session materials: jasmin.gruschke and thomasalexander.ritter Jasmin, the topic leader 2014 for ABAP on HANA, gave a brief overview about ABAP development on SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP 7.40 and then we jumped into the exercises. It was great to see that the 30 attendees started to implement the exercises, analyze and discuss about the features with Jasmin. That's what an Code Jam is really about - get in touch with new topics, talk to the experts and have a great time.

Not only for first-time-ADT-users it was extremely helpful to have had thomasalexander.ritter as one of THE ABAP in Eclipse experts onboard. It was a very good opportunity for the attendees to give direct feedback to him as a member of the ADT-developement team - and thanks to him listen and taking the discussed features and functions directly to Walldorf.


gregor.wolf4, damir.majer and me organized some other Code Jam events before like SAP Code Jam "SAP HANA" and "ABAP in Eclipse". We like people to come together and share their passion and knowledge, so it's a great possibility for everything to grow - and last but not least: a lot of fun.

So we would like to encourage YOU to create such a community event by yourself.

Thanks again jasmin.gruschke and thomasalexander.ritter (and of course craig.cmehil2 and the whole SAP CodeJam people) for bringing this event to Munich :smile:

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