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This is my submission for  SAP Cloud Platform Portal Developer Challenge 2018-2019.

The name of my portal is 'Tour the world'. The focus of my portal is exploring world destinations dedicated to the travel lovers. It shows detailed and accurate travel content designed to inspire global travelers and guides them in trip planning, restaurant searching in different cities across the world and many more.

I have used SAP Cloud Platform Trial account, SAPUI5, backend ES5, Northwind to build the solution. Different API calls (google map, recast) and SAP Jam integration have also been utilzed. The site has Translation ability into different languages using SAP Tranlation Hub and a custom theme has been designed using the Theme Designer. Some custom widgets have also been created and used.

There is an  a welcome video which autoplays on visiting the site.

The site uses different features in different pages:

Home :

Page Home shows Amazing places, stunning nature, sacred places, Ancient ruins as summarized in the welcome video.



It has url links to social media also.

The language of the contents can be changed. The translation has been done using the Translation Hub for German, Chinese and Hindi (regional).

Default language is English and when other languages are selected the contents are shown in the selected language.


This page shows the city nicknames and also a chat bot is integrated with it. The name of the bot is 'Foodie'. It helps travelersx` search for restaurants in different cities.



Conversional AI has been used here and chat bot 'Foodie' trained in api.recast.


Our Agents :

This page shows the different agents present worldwide who can assist in planning trip, schedule flights etc. Google map has been used to show the location of the agents.




The data for agents has been fetched from backend ES5. A widget has been built using the SAPUI5 application listing the agents. Another widget showing google map has also been used. The two widgets communicate with each other by event bus.



This page shows the continents. It has different url links for the continents. Split card widget has been used and each card points to external links.

SAP JAM group 'Travel Kingdom' has also been integrated into the page. As the group is public anyone having access to SAP JAM can post into the group wall.


Final words


It was a great learning experience in developing the SAP cloud portal site. I look forward to many such challenges in future.


Please share your feedback.
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