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Hi all,

This is my entry for SAP Cloud Platform Portal Developer Challenge 2018-2019.

I have called the Portal as “The Rhythm People Portal” which is a site dedicated to music buffs from all over the world. The theme of the portal is dedicated to music lovers.

The reason of choosing this particular music theme was to demonstrate that SAP Cloud Platform Portal can not only cater to Core traditional Enterprises; but also has the flexibility to build sites which demonstrates creative art forms such as Music. Thus; it is about absolute User Experience; rather than only the Enterprise User Experience.

I have utilized SAP Cloud Platform Trial account based services to build the solution.

The site is based upon the Marketing site template.

Here is the breakup of the site:

The site opens with a welcome pop-up which is based on a Fiori shell plugin; this pop-up displays the welcome message and states what new stuff has come up in the portal; thus giving a brief of what new things have come up in the portal.

There is also a welcome video which the audience can look at by clicking on the top-right corner.

This feature is enabled by again developing a shell plugin and deploying on to the SAP Cloud Platform. For now, I have used the cloud platform developer challenge video as the source; we can use any other video as well.

The site uses different features in different pages:

Page: The Rhythm People-Home

Use of Carousel and cards in first two sections.

The Upcoming Events Section displays the upcoming events.

The Testimonial Section indicates people’s testimonials about the site:

The Footer section indicates the copyright text and social media links.

Page: Products and Services

The page Products and Services is based on SAP Fiori Launchpad template. It hosts two applications: Product List and Search Purchase Orders

Product List application is based on SAPUI5 framework; utilizing the master detail template.

Search PO Application is standard ABAP Web Dynpro application integrated on the SAP Portal site; with ES5 System acting as the data source.

Page: Our Partners

The Page Our Partners hosts a custom SAPUI5 Application which utilizes the flexible column layout and thus gives more flexibility to the user to see more information without the need of navigation.

The application allows to search for business partners; add sales order items and delete sales order items.

Page: Our Contributors

The Page Our Contributors depicts the list of people along with their geo-location. This utilized the Google Maps and Northwind Service; the contributor list and the map are deployed as widgets to the portal site.

Page: News

The News page utilizes an RSS feed from a music site source with regular updated scrollable feed.

The site header is changes using a customized theme to indicate the portal logo. UI Theme Designer is utilized to modify the Belize Theme used as base and change the existing SAP logo to current one.

The site can be accessed using the link:

You can try with your S-User or P-User to access the site.

In case there are any issues in accessing the site; please reach out to me using the comments section.

As always, feedback is appreciated. Would love to hear from the community on this endeavour of mine.

Thank you for your patience and giving this a read.




PS: Only Demo Data has been used from publicly available ES5 Demo System and Northwind Services
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