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In this scenario we will enhance our scenario from the first two blogs:

Simple SAP Cloud Platform Workflow to retrieve alerts from an REST API

Using SAP Cloud Platform Integration to start a SAP Cloud Platform Workflow

We just change the following:

  • The start behaviour of the Workflow, we pass now an JSON context with an specific ID to the WF.

  • Adding an "Gateway" to do something if we click on the action buttons.

  • Two new service calls to change the status or we send an mail.

Initial process

For the initialization of my WF, i just use one of my old Integration Flow´s.

The "old" task of this Integration Flow, was to check every 10 minutes an alert with level "fatal". If this is the case we create an simple C4S ticket.

The enhancement

To onboarding SAP CP WF, i´ve enhanced my scenario a little bit.

Now i will create an WF task, if we have an alert in status warn or error.

Futhermore we acknowledge the alert at our source system.

In the "Content Modifier" we extract the ID of the alert, this ID will be later used to call the WF.

The call to the 2nd Integration Flow have now the following configuration for the HTTP call:

The second Integration Flow

The Sender from the second Integration Flow, contains onyl th endpoint which we already used before:

To post the ID to the SAP Cloud Platform WF we just do the necessary stuff in the "Content Modifier": 


The Workflow

Our new Workflow has now some enhancements in contrast to the "simple" old one from the first blog.

We pass now as already mentioned the ID of an alert to the Workflow as JSON:
"alarmID": 254

The 1st service call retrieves now exatly this alert from the API:

The user task has now has this simple UI, with some details about our alert:

As we can see in the WF definition, we enhanced the WF with an "Exclusive Gateway".

This "Gateway" is now required, because of the fact that i want to trigger now different actions depending on the button which we want to press.

  • The "Resolve" button set (magic ?) our alert as resolved:

  • The "Send Info" button calls an additional Integration Flow to send an simple mail to me.

The "Send Mail" Integration Flow

This Integraton Flow has this simple structure.

We used here already the "Content Modifier" to define our required parameters from the message that we received. This param´s will be part of my simple mail:

Content Modifier:

Mail Adapter (for our mail content)

After we have developed all artifacts we should have now the following one:

  1. The initial Integration Flow

  2. The WF start Integartion Flow

  3. The ACK Integration Flow

  4. The SAP CP Workflow

  5. The Integration Flow to send me an email

Let the games begin.....

Prerequisite to start our scenario we need two alerts, which we can fetch from the API.

The first thing what i want to do is now deploy the first Integration Flow again to retrieve the alerts and create an WF Task.

In the monitoring we can now see that the Integartion Flow is running and calls the Integration Flow which will start the WF and finally the other one which will set the acknowledgement of the alert:

In WF inbox we have now our newly created tasks:

After we click now the "Send Info" button we should "hopefully" get now the email.....

and wohoooooo........ ;o)

That´s it!!!


From my perspective the combination SAP Cloud Platform Integration with SAP Cloud Platform Workflow gab enhance booth services with nice features and finally shows again how simple SAP Cloud Platform can be.



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