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This was a public SAP webcast last week – and these are my notes as I heard them.

SAP said this product was “released at SAP TechEd Barcelona”

Figure 1: Source: SAP

All analytics in one cloud for one environment

BI and planning; coming soon predictive, GRC in same environment, libraries

Figure 2: Source: SAP

It is based on the HANA Cloud Platform so "all customers to take advantage of HANA"

Figure 3: Source: SAP

Applications, analytic capability, and core capabilities

Working on predictive, GRC, vertical apps (public apps)

Figure 4: Source: SAP

Figure 5: Source: SAP

Figures 4 and 5 cover the market reception

Figure 6: Source: SAP

Public demo environment is in progress

Will have a series of webcasts

Figure 7: Source: SAP Demo

ESRI integration/partnership is coming; you don’t need an ESRI account to use geospatial

Next adding HANA Cloud platform as a data source, universes

Features include linking, blending and it is multi-dimensional aware

Releases are every 2 weeks

Coming – enhanced data connectivity, data sources, Concur, SF, hybris, Google apps and Digital Boardroom for mobile

Resources available now – roadmap, Youtube, user guides, release notes, FAQ

Question and Answer

This is usually the best part of webcasts - the Q&A

Q: How load data to C4A (Cloud for Analytics)?

A: if you have HCP (HANA Cloud Platform) can use Data Services, SLT

Next week connect to HCP’s database as a service

Working to connect to on premise – likely will be a universe and HANA

Q: What are the data access load options – level 2 and level 3 details

A: Reach out to SAP Account Executives

Q: Alternative to SuccessFactors Workforce analytics

A: for operational data; working to connect today using oData/Restful API’s

Q: New capabilities roll out to private tenants too?

A: C4A is a subscription service – 2 options – public cloud or private

Public – promoting, customers

Within a week update both

Q: How do we get access?

A: Webcast poll provided; Working on low-touch self provisioning trial environment over the next several months

Q: Do you need clients to develop?

A: No everything is in the cloud

Q: What about SAP applications in a non-HANA scenario

A: “BW is your friend” – use BEx Query

Q: Do you push data to cloud?

A: No, you pull


First impression of SAP Cloud for Analytics

Upcoming ASUG SAP Cloud for Analytics Webcasts:

January 12: Intro to Cloud for Analytics

January 20 Cloud for Administration, including working with BI artifacts (Lumira datasets, universes), collabor...

February 3: SAP Digital Boardroom

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