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SAP has released quite a big list of APIs for SAP Cloud Connector .

I recently noticed this wonderful blog written by philipp.stehle describing the CLIs created by Philipp and was inspired to test out the APIs

I am a Basis Consultant who has recently started learning node js .

So, I started working on this idea to test out the APIs with node as a learning process .Picked up a bit of HTML and CSS on the way from Youtube videos and online tutorials and overall it was a lot of fun.


What does this Application do ?

We often come across situations where have to manage a lot of cloud connectors . Logging into each of the cloud connector for troubleshooting , and for monitoring can be a tedious task.

This application intends to provide a central cockpit where you can add all of your cloud connectors and monitor them all using very few clicks

The code has been uploaded to this public git repo 

Feel free to clone and improve as required


How to use this Application ?

1] Install Node and Git on your machine

2] Clone the repo to your machine

3] start the application using 'node index.js'

4] You can access the application on port 3000.  So, if you start the application on your laptop - you can use https://localhost:3000 to access the application

5] As you launch the application - you will see a button to 'Add CC' . Start off with adding a CC and click on submit .

6] Once you add the CC- you should see it in the dropdown . Click on 'Get Details ' to retrieve basic information on the cloud connector . And you will then find additional buttons enabled to Get HA details and list of connected subaccounts

7] As of now  i have only used all read or 'GET' APIs and the application does not make any change on your cloud connector however please feel free to build any additional functionality

There is also a readme file in the GIT repository with detailed information on how to setup your machine , clone the repo and start the application

Below are the list of APIs used to build this application

GetCommonProperties  to get basic details of the CC

GetConfiguration to get HA config details

GetHAState to get additional HA details and state

GetConfigurationShadow to get HA details of the shadow system

GetHAStateShadow to get additional HA details of the shadow system

GetSubaccounts to get list of connected subaccounts

GetSystemMappings to get all system mappings


Below is a short video with a sneak peek into the tool


You can easily test it out on your Windows Computer by installing a couple of Portable cloud connector instances, setting up HA between the instances and connecting it to a trial BTP account .
Have fun !
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