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SAP Cloud Application Programming Model

Welcome to the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model (aka ‘CAP’ with silent ‘M’). This blog introduces the key concepts and design principles of CAP, complemented with best practices and a features overview.

The Cloud Application Programming Model is an open and opinionated framework of languages, libraries and tools for building enterprise-grade services and applications.

The CAP framework features a mix of broadly adopted open-source and SAP technologies. The major building blocks are highlighted in the figure below.

Components of SAP CAP

Core Data Services (CDS): It is a data modelling infrastructure used to define data models and service definitions, queries and expressions in object notation.

Service SDK’s: CAP have libraries available for both Java and Node.js which used to provide and consume services through synchronous and asynchronous API’s. SDK’s also have integration to services such as authentication and credential-flows and on/off boarding of SaaS tenants.

SAP Business Application Studio: IDE to build business applications.

Steps to the demo of SAP CAP using CDS and Node.js and SAP Cloud Application Studio as IDE.

Enter the SAP Cloud platform trial account.

Click on trial sub account

From the subscriptions, Subscribe to SAP Business Application Studio(Advanced version of SAP WEB IDE Full Stack).

Now, The most important part to access the SAP Business Application Studio is authorization. Configure authorization and roles

Click on sap.default.


Assign below Defined Role Collections.

Subaccount Administrator
Subaccount Viewer

Go to Application and create dev space.

Our Dev Space is ready. Click on created space: EP1.

Below is the home page of SAP Business Application Studio.


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I hope everyone enjoyed the series of blogs, Please don’t forget to put comment on the same.?



Nikhil Puri
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