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Business Case:

In SOLMAN service management Git-Enabled Changes are created and all relevant information are related to Version and Commit details get stored in Git Repository [ Version Copy ]. But sometimes we may come across a situation where we may need the information showcase in SOLMAN need to be displayed or used in some custom report as per business needs.

So we need to get the exact SAP table where all the GitHub related information get stored in order to fetch this information and used in our own custom report as per business need.

This thought inspired me to prepare this document which contain the details of all Git enabled commit ID / link details contains table and how the information stored.


below the sample of Git Enabled Changes created in SOLMAN with ChaRM Id = 5000000010

ChaRM Screen with Git Enabled Details

SAP Tables:

Below the listed SAP tables used to stored the all Git Commit ID details and Repository link and how they are linked with each other explained in step-by-step in below section.

Table Name Description
/TMWFLOW/COM_HIS Change request managemnt commit history
/TMWFLOW/DPL_HIS Change Request management gcts deploy history
/TMWFLOW/GCTSREP Git-enabled Change Version Management Info


STEP - 1

First go to table CRMD_ORDERADM_H and put the ChaRM Id number in OBJECT_ID. From there you get GUID of that ChaRM ID

STEP - 2

Use GUID [ here GUID = F7BE4C5A24E41EDE8DB65967B4909781  ] go to table /TMWFLOW/GCTSREP put it in field CHANGE_ID. This table will gives you list of information related to Git Repository / URL and other details.

STEP - 3

Now go to table  /TMWFLOW/COM_HIS put CHANGE_GUID = GUID. Here you get the information on Commit ID details and associated Transport number details.

See the details of one Commit ID details along with the associated Transport Number for the respective commit ID.

STEP - 4

Go to table /TMWFLOW/DPL_HIS will gives the version of commit ID FROM COMMIT ID and TO COMMIT ID

STEP - 5

Check the Commit ID details displayed in the "Commit" area in Transport Management section.

Here we select Transport number S4DK900571 and click on Commit ID now you get the Commit ID of Git Repository.

Here if you noticed the Commit number 76a141f  is actually coming from the table /TMWFLOW/COM_HIS- COMMIT ID [ first 7 character value]. See the details in below image

Conclusion -

This document will helps to find the details of all Git Enabled Changes how/ where the relevant information get stored and how to link those information across the relevant table listed above.



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