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Dear All,


Many people are not aware of how to download a soft copy of SAP Global Certificate after SAP has changed its Certification Portal,


Now let us see how to get our Certificate and our Digital Badge.


As part of Digitalization SAP has Changed its SAP Global Certification process and now there is no more SAP credential manager available to download our certificates and other things.


  1. Login to Acclaim (will be receiving mail once we have successfully completed certification mail will be received within 2/3 days from the day on completion) 

  2. If we have already having Acclaim Account log in to it directly

  3. Once we logged in there we can see your list of Completed certificates

  4. Select Badge which you want to download Certificate, Digital Badge or share to Social Media.

  5. once we select the badge on the top right side we can see share option select it.

  6. Once you click on Share option will be having a list of options to share with different social networks.

  7. We can share LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc

  8. last but one with download option, if we select we can download digital badge by sliding the size bar badge size, will be changing.

  9. In Last option, once you click on the print option we can download the soft copy of Certificate.

  10. Click on Download PDF, and can save to your system.

Now a doing Certification is not enough we have to publish it to the world, even SAP believe same so now it has come up with digitalization.

Let the world know you are certified!!!

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