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Dear Reader,

This blog post covers everything you need to know when it comes to replicating the entire Organization Structure from ECC to CPI to C4C. This blog post will be covered in 3 Parts.

Part 1: C4C Side Configurations

Part 2: ECC Side Configurations

Part 3: CPI Configurations


ECC Side Configuration:


PATH: Integration with Other SAP Components > Integration with SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer > Communication Setup > Automatically Generate Integration Settings for Data Exchange OR Enter the TCode RCOD_CONNECTIVITY

If you enter the TCode, RCOD_CONNECTIVITY, you will straight up land up in the below page.In my case, I am using SAP CPI hence, select the radio button, SAP HANA Cloud Integration. FYI, CPI earlier was earlier known as HCI, I guess, SAP love rechristening their products very often ?

Okay, moving to the next step,where you are to select the below question under Organization Structure i.e. Do you want to replicate organization structure from SAP ERP to your cloud solution?

Now, click Next. Here, in this step, it will ask you to enter the Logical System. The question is, from where do you get this logical system? Remember I mentioned above to note the “My System” in the Communication Arrangement. Yes! The same ID name is to be created in ECC as Logical System. 

So here, if already created, then enter that, or Create Logical System [TCode: BD54].

Now enter the Runtime URL and Click on Basic Authentication to enter the SUser and Password to your CPI Tenant.

This is more of a Review just to revisit your selections,after which, click on “Generate”.

Click on “Yes”.

Now what this step does for you is, creates:

  • RFC Destination [TCode: SM59], 

  • Receiver Port [TCode: WE21]

  • Partner Profile [TCode: WE20]

Now, what is left is, to deploy the Integration Flow in CPI and maintain the end-point URL in the RFC Destination, along with credentials to CPI.


Hope you had a good read.

If you wish to know more, or have any queries on this blog, then please feel free to drop a comment.


Thanks & Regards,

Sookriti Mishra

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