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Hi Friends,

This is my first document release in SCN .I am very much interested in Sharing my thoughts and Knowledge.Recently we have implemented Near Line Storage for One of our Major Client.I would like to share the experience and knowledge during implementation.


SAP  IQ is a high-performance decision-support server designed specifically for mission-critical business intelligence, analytics, and data warehousing. Component Integration Services within SAP IQ provide direct access to relational and non-relational databases on mainframe, UNIX, or Windows servers.


Product Edition


Enterprise Edition

Supports all options and features. Optional features require additional licenses that are purchased separately.

Evaluation Edition

Supports all options and features available in the Enterprise Edition for a 30-day evaluation period.

Express Edition

Supports all options and features available in the Evaluation Edition. Unlike the Evaluation Edition, the Express Edition does not expire, but does restrict the size of all IQ main dB spaces, permit other incremental license options, and cannot be deployed in a production environment

Implementation SAP-NLS Solution with SAP IQ

Preinstallation Tasks:

  • Check for Operating System Patches.
  • Increase the Swap Space.
  • Install Required Support Packages and Libraries.
  • Disable Huge Pages and Transparent Huge Pages.
  • Set the Kernel Parameters.

Supported Server on Linux Platforms

  • SAP IQ is compatible with these platforms and operating systems in Linux:
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.2 (and later) Linux on POWER; 64-bit
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.2 (and later) x86-64, Advanced Server and Workstation Editions
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5 (and later) Linux on POWER; 64-bit
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5 (and later) x86-64, Advanced Server and Workstation Editions
  • SuSE Linux Enterprise Server SLES 11/Linux on POWER – minimum patch level SP1
  • SuSE Linux Enterprise Server SLES 11/X86_64 64-bit – minimum patch level SP1

Preinstallation Tasks

Swap Space:

  • The recommended minimum swap space is at least 1GB. Certain operations may cause the memory usage to grow dynamically. Changing the way Sybase IQ uses buffers can dramatically change the way it uses memory.

Asynchronous I/O (AIO) Kernal Support

  • Asynchronous input/output (AIO) applications which use the native AIO interfaces require the libaio package. AIO provides an interface that submits multiple I/O operations and other processing requests in a single system call, and an interface that collects completed I/O operations associated with a given completion group.

Disable HugePages and Transparent Huge Pages

  • Allocating large amounts of memory to HugePages can significantly degrade Sybase IQ performance. If the kernel allocates more than just a few MB of memory to HugePages, remove the HugePages options

Set the Kernel Parameters

Set the number of available semaphore identifiers.

  • SEMMSL – maximum number of semaphores per set.
  • SEMMNS – maximum number of semaphores system–wide.
  • SEMOPM – maximum number of operations allowed for one semop call.
  • SEMMNI – maximum number of semaphore identifiers (sets).

Check for Operating System Patches


-->Download Required software from SMP.

-->Transfer to Sever location.

-->Start ./setup.bin.

-->In MY Next Document we see connection establishment between your SAP IQ and SAP BW System.

-->And how to initiate archiving from BW System to  NLS.


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