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Let us take a new journey.....we need to understand why we need of this BW on HANA??

when we use BW , we need to use ECC OLTP data transfer into our BW system specially for modelling and transforming perspective but this extraction is not possible to Business hours.We have to wait at least entire business day to let complete business transactions and after that data can be extracted into our BW system.

We might lagging behind in new revolutionary technology Era. There are a lot of strategic decisions might be made but we are on delay.Although we have concepts in BW like Real time Data Acquisition but they are not fully optimizing to use entire  system to get Real time acquisition data.Currently we are in the industries which are not needed only analysed reports but they need more than its and needed data as transactions are happening. We need HANA because it's capturing data in real time once transactions take place.

Let us compare pretty similar properties in b/w BW and BW on HANA.....

Infoobjects in BW-->Attributes Views in HANA

InfoCube in BW-->Analytical Views in HANA

Multiprovider in BW-->Calculation Views in HANA

What we really understand by In Memory HANA

Let me clear this important point...

Before HANA , data was stored into HARD DISK inplace of RAM so data fetching takes too much time.Suppose we have previous Relational Database and we need to fetch top 10 leading selling items out of 1 trillion records,those databases were taking time in hours while HANA database takes hardly in seconds. Why?? Just because of its using RAM to store data in place of DISK...So its called In Memory Databases.
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